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Major Individual Research Project

Module aims

The Individual Project is the culmination of your postgraduate studies and constitutes a piece of individual research that must include some element of originality. For this module you will complete an individual research project in your chosen area of research, either working with one of the Department’s specialist researchers and academics and their research group, or by undertaking an external project working with an internationally leading engineering company, typically at their site. 

Learning outcomes

On successfully completing this module, you should be able to: 1. plan and manage a research project over an extended period; 2. take personal responsibility for their work; 3. tackle open-ended research work and apply prior theoretical knowledge to practical situations; 4. analyse and synthesize information from a wide range of sources; 5. select and use appropriate computational and/or experimental methods towards the successful completion of their project aims; 6. communicate the outcomes of the project work effectively and accurately, in both a written and oral format. AHEP Learning Outcomes: SM8M, SM9M, EA6M, EA5m, EA7M, D9M, D10M, D11M, EL8M, EL9M, EL10M, EL11M, EL13M, P9m, P10m, P12M, G1, G2, G3m, G4 

Module syllabus

Content varies annually based on project tiles proposed by students and staff, and student preferences.

Teaching methods

You will carry out the individual project under the supervision of a member of academic staff or an external industrial supervisor. You will spend the majority of your time in self-directed study, reviewing literature, utilizing theoretical, computational or experimental methods to complete your project objectives. You will be supported by regular meetings with your supervisor, presenting your progress, discussing your findings and agreeing on future plans. 


Coursework - Thesis (60%)

Practical - Final Oral Examination

Practical - Project Carry-out