A second review of a student’s PhD research ability must be undertaken within 24 months (48 months for part-time students) after the date of initial registration.

The purpose of the LSR is to confirm that the student has:

  • a realistic research plan and schedule for completion within the registration period;
  • an in-depth understanding of the research topic;
  • the ability to communicate their research;
  • the capacity to make contributions to their research field;
  • a critical awareness of the relevant literature on the subject.

Download the Late Stage Review form (Nov 23)‌ and submit via email to Clodagh Li c.li@imperial.ac.uk

You may also find the Late Stage Review Guidance useful.

Further information about the Late Stage Review

LSR requirements

The LSR is expected in the vast majority of cases to be a light- touch review. An oral examination with an independent assessor (who preferably should be different to the assessor who carried out the ESA) will be carried out on or before 24 months after initial registration. The examination will be based on discussion of a conference or journal paper authored by the student and a proposed timeline (Gantt chart) to ensure timely completion of the PhD. If no paper has yet been written, a report will be an acceptable alternative.

Possible outcomes of the LSR

Possible outcome of the Late Stage Review are the same as those for the ESA, however any resubmission at this stage should be completed within three months.

  1. Pass (continuation of PhD registration)
  2. Resubmission/re-assessment within two months
  3. Transfer registration to MPhil status
  4. Failure (withdrawal from College)

Assessment deadlines

All LSR's must be completed within 24 months, from the date of your initial registration. You will be contacted with deadline reminders and further information about your assessments at the appropriate time. However, the ultimate responsibility for timely completion of milestones rests with the student.

You can also find additional information and guidance on the ESA/LSR on the Registry website.