Blackboard is Imperial's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and is used to deliver all aspects of undergraduate courses. The Department uses Blackboard ‘Learn’ to Deliver course materials (including text, images, video, audio). It is also used to:

  • deliver quizzes and surveys
  • set and receive assignments
  • communicate with students through online discussions, real-time chat and an interactive whiteboard
  • track student progress and manage grades
  • provide feedback to students.

Log into Blackboard

Blackboard Learn access

Students will only be able to see information on courses for which they are registered and we cannot add you to any other modules.

If you do not have access to a course you think you have registered for then please contact your course administrator. Please note however we do not deal with the Business for Professional Engineers and Scientists (BPES), Imperial Horizons, I-Explore or any modules run by other Departments; in such an event you need to contact the relevant course lecturers.

Undergraduate Students:  (
MSc Students: Ms Ravinder Panesar, MSc Administrator ( )

Blackboard Learn tutorial session

Blackboard Learn Tutorial sessions will be timetabled for all years early in the Autumn term. Full information on Blackboard Learn and its use will be given during the tutorial session only. Returning students may have attended a session in previous years but as we are now using a new system attendance is compulsory by students in all years and attendance will be monitored. Please also ensure you refer to the very useful BlackBoard webpage

Coursework submission

All coursework must be submitted via Blackboard. Coursework assignments will be assigned in class by course lecturers and uploaded to Blackboard. No handwritten coursework will be accepted. The textural part of submissions should be electronically readable for plagiarism checks (no scanned text documents are allowed).

Course materials - lecture notes, tutorial sheets, lab handouts

It is important that you attend all lectures. For any notes missing from Blackboard Learn please contact the course lecturer to provide in the first instance.

Lecture notes

All students have been provided with iPads and will not be provided with hard copies of lecture notes.

Tutorial sheets

Tutorial sheets will be  put up on Blackboard. Solutions  will be available on Blackboard (but may not be until the course has finished to assist with examination revision, down to lecturers to decide when to release).

Lab handouts

Your laboratory handouts will be made available on Blackboard .

General information for students on Blackboard Learn

Click on any of your courses on Blackboard Learn. Use the left hand navigation for links to Sharepoint Student Area, Department website, Module Descriptors.