We would like to clarify some important matters regarding students planning to undertake internships in industry which are not part of our degree programmes.  

The Department and the College will support your applications for work internships, providing reference letters and, whenever necessary, by entering case-specific internship/ French convention de stage agreements with the companies hosting you e.g. . I understand that the latter case is particularly relevant for EU students. Note that internship agreements are subject to the scrutiny of the College Contracts Office, that is responsible for their final approval.   Please note that the Department does not award credit for Internships (or other forms of out of termtime work).

During your studies at Imperial, you may take internships either:
1) during the summer vacation months (internships cannot start until the Summer term has finished or earlier if you have completed all elements of your programme, this is subject to Department approval and not automatic);
or 2) by transferring to the Year in industry programme;
or 3) as part of your final year project, if you opt for an industrially-sponsored one.

Note that in the first two cases the Department will only act as a facilitator, i.e. it is your responsibility to find a suitable internship position, arrange the logistics of your placement, etc.

However, for 4th year students the College and thus the Department of Aeronautics cannot enter internship agreements that will extend beyond the graduation date, i.e. July 31st every year. Therefore, if you are a 4th year student and you are planning to apply for an internship that will extend beyond July 31st 2021, you must consider that the Department will not be able to provide you with an internship agreement.

This is because your student status expires at the moment of graduation. Hence, the College cannot underwrite any agreement, e.g. a French “convention de stage”, that would imply you being still a registered student despite having already graduated.

We hope that what stated above clarifies this matter. In case of further doubts or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Departmental Careers Officer Dr Kostas Sterios  (Please contact DUGS Dr Errikos Levis if you require a case-specific internship/French Convention de Stage agreement only).

Other useful information can be found on Imperial College Career's website.