The module descriptors for our undergraduate courses can be found below:

  • Four year Aeronautical Engineering degree (H401)
  • Four year Aeronautical Engineering with a Year Abroad stream (H410)

Students on our H420 programme follow the same programme as the H401 spending fourth year in industry.

The descriptors for all programmes are the same (including H411).


Engineering Practice 2: Project Development

Module aims

The planning and bidding for projects, as well as the review of project proposals, are a common activity practising engineers engage in, whether working in industry or academia. Through this module you will be introduced to the basic considerations involved in developing a project proposal, from understanding your customers and their needs, to planning and costing a project, and identifying and mitigating risks. Skills developed in this module will be utilised during subsequent project work. 

Learning outcomes

On successfully completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify the drivers for success of an engineering project;
  • Consider stakeholder priorities and the need for sustainable development;
  • Plan, schedule and cost a simple engineering project;
  • Identify and accommodate risk and change during the life of a project;
  • Prepare a project proposal and deliver a short project pitch.

Module syllabus

Lifecycle of an engineering project – phases, objectives, stakeholders.
Drivers for success – innovation, client needs, customer satisfaction.
Introduction to project management – techniques and tools.
Introduction to costing and budgeting.
Project risk – identification, analysis and control.
Project proposals – writing and evaluating. 

Teaching methods

The module will be delivered through large-class lectures, workshops and discussions introducing the key concepts and methods, supported by a variety of delivery methods combining the traditional and the technological. The content is presented via a combination of slides, whiteboard and visualiser. 


You will be summatively assessed by a written submission of your group's project proposal and a short group presentation of your project pitch. Your and your peers' contribution to the team will be further reviewed through peer assessment.

Assessment type Assessment description Weighting Pass mark
Coursework Project proposal 60% 40%
Practical Project pitch 40% 40%

You will receive written feedback on your group's project proposal and project pitch. Further feedback will be provided by your peers on your contribution and conduct throughout the project.
Further individual feedback will be available to you on request via this module’s online feedback forum, through staff office hours and discussions with tutors.