Welcome to Mums and Dads!

If you're a new first year student, you might be feeling nervous, excited, anxious and raring to get going all at the same time. You certainly won't be the only one! And if you're a returning student, you probably remember what it was like to start out and feel this way.

The Mums & Dads scheme run by our Department Society AeroSoc matches up incoming first year undergraduates (the 'children') with returning undergraduates on the same course (the 'parents') into academic families. The aim is to provide a source of advice and support to help ease the transition for new students. Your 'parents' can offer tips and tricks for succeeding at Imperial life, practical academic support, socialising opportunities and are a place to turn to if you need help and don't know where to go. And your 'siblings' can help you build friendships in your year early on.

So how do you get involved?
All new undergraduate students will be assigned a family by AeroSoc, and you'll be matched based on the information you submitted if you signed-up (AeroSoc will issue signup information before term starts).

What to expect in the new term?
Once you've been matched into your Mums & Dads family,  AeroSoc will arrange activities to help you get to know each other.