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A degree in Aeronautics unlocks a wide range of career opportunities within the aviation, space and automotive sectors, as well as a host of other fields that benefit from subject specific knowledge in this discipline.

Approximately 75% of our graduates will work in engineering businesses, with 25% specifically working in aerospace engineering companies.  Other major employers of our graduates include Finance, Business and Management firms.

You may also consider study at postgraduate level, such as MSc, PhD and MBA courses, upon graduation.

To help you decide on your future career path, please see below for resources to help guide you on your search for an ideal career.

Aeronautics Departmental Careers Advisor:

Dr Kostas Steiros

Courses and Careers

  • MEng Aeronautics with Spacecraft Engineering
  • Department of Aeronautics PhD
  • PhD in Aerodynamics, Space Physics
  • PhD in Advanced Materials, Mechanics of Solids
  • MSc in Business, Economics and Management
  • Certificate in Quantitative Finance
  • MBA - Master in Business and Administration
  • Aerodynamics engineer 
  • Aerothermodynamics engineer 
  • Aircraft performance engineer 
  • Analyst 
  • Capital markets analyst 
  • Conference producer 
  • Development engineer 
  • Engineering consultant 
  • ETL graduate programme manager 
  • Flying instructor 
  • Graduate engineer 
  • Infrastructure M&A analyst 
  • Intern 
  • Intern - finance 
  • IT technician 
  • Manufacturing engineer - purchase 
  • Simulation products strategy and CoSMoS project leader 
  • Technology consultant for finance firm