StellarisThe synergy between the new Power HyD detector family, the completely optimized beam path and the next generation White Light Lasers (WLL) empowers you to obtain more accurate and reliable data to test your hypothesis with precision.

Gain the potential to explore a new dimension in your samples using our new and unique TauSense technology. TauSense gives instant access to lifetime-based information, delivering additional insights to your experiments.

STELLARIS gives you increased productivity to do more thanks to the new smart user interface, ImageCompass, which enables you to acquire images with a few clicks, even for complex experiments.


Hermida Ayala, Miguel A


  • Microscope
    • DMi8 CS premium inverted 
    • XY scanning stage
    • SuperZ Galvo
    • Universal insert
    • Petri dish insert (36mm)
    • LED illumination with DAPI, FITC, RHOD and Y5 filters

  • Lasers
    • 405nm
    • X8 next generation White Light Laser (From 440nm to 790nm, 8 simultaneous laser lines)

  • Objectives
    • PL FLUOTAR 5x/0.15 dry
    • PL APO 10x/0.40 dry
    • PL APO 20x/0.75 dry
    • PL APO 63x/1.20 water
    • PL APO 63x/1.40 oil
  • Detectors
    • 2x HyD S GaAsP
    • 2x HyD X GaAsP (Optimised for FLIM and FCS)
    • 1x HyD R (For near infrared detection)
  • Extras
    • FALCON (Fast Lifetime Contrast)
    • TauSense (Imaging tools based on fluorescence lifetime)
    • Lightning
    • FRAP
    • FRET

Access protocol

Room safety induction and training required before access. Please request training in PPMS: