In the Department of Bioengineering we care about the feedback you give us and continually strive to make improvements. This page details some of the changes that we have made in response to your feedback. We'll also email you from time to time explaining what actions have been taken to reduce your issues and suggestions.

Remember - you don't have to wait until a Staff-Student Committee Meeting to tell us what you think! You're always welcome to pop by the Student Office or talk to your Year Reps or the Dep Rep. Alternatively, you can speak to your Personal Tutor, Lecturers, the Academic Tutor, the Senior Tutor or the Postgraduate Tutor, if you think we could improve something in the Department.

Departmental responses to student feedback

The teaching on my course

You said: This module is taught at too fast a pace and we are concerned about the upcoming progress test.
We did: The pace was reviewed and the lecturer put on additional lunchtime drop-in sessions to provide students with additional 1-2-1 support.

You said: It is very hard to follow derivations in some lectures.
We did: The lecturer provided more office hours to provide support to students who need additional guidance, and panopto recordings were provided.

You said: The course is too easy – can we go through some concepts quicker?
We did: The lecturer confirmed the pace could be changed. It was also explained that as first year is meant to bring all students up to the same level, this can mean  some feel ‘under-challenged’. These students are advised to re-direct their focus to areas where they feel more challenged.

You said: We are confused by the teaching of both C and C++ at the same time.
We did: We simplified things and now use C++ only in the examples.

Learning opportunities

You said: There are not enough mock examination papers for that module.
We did: The lecturer provided more mock papers.

You said: There are mistakes in past solutions papers.
We did: We asked the lecturer to review and amend past papers and solutions.

Assessment and feedback

You said: Feedback isn’t always on time.
We did:
We created a new coursework system that generates automatic reminder emails to provide feedback, sent to staff. We have also introduced a robust new policy to ensure lecturers stick to deadlines.

You said: Coursework instructions, and requirements for the module, are unclear.
We did: The course leader provided a detailed assignment description to clarify expectations.

You said: Can we have a system to provide feedback to the Department on our project supervisors?
We did: We have established a system for students to provide constructive feedback on their project supervisors, which will be used as of the 2017-18 academic year.

Academic support

You said: We want to know more about coursework, weighting and regulations.
We did: A presentation covering weighting of coursework and coursework deadlines was delivered.

You said: Some GTAs rush or don’t explain things properly in study groups.
We did: We investigated the issues. Conversations between students and GTAs were arranged to clarify the issues, and additional support or training to GTAs was provided as needed.

Department response to student feedback

Organisation and management

You said: Can there be a spread of exams over January and May?
We did: We are reviewing the assessment across all programmes with a view to reducing assessment and spreading exams more equally.

You said: Can we have a list of all deadlines provided at the start of each term?
We did: The Department provided an online coursework deadlines calendar for all students to view.

You said: Can we have a Google calendar or similar for coursework deadlines?
We did: We created iCal files for all the modules with coursework so students can add them to their own personal calendars on a mobile device, tablet or computer

Learning resources

You said: There is no Blackboard link for the recordings of this lecture, and some students cannot access them.
We did: We added a link to Blackboard and checked that all the students were able to access it.

You said: We want to know more about what careers events are scheduled.
We did: We made a Blackboard page for this, and we display posters in the Department on a weekly basis to show the topics of upcoming events.

Student voice

You said: We would like a water fountain available.
We did: We had a water fountain installed in the RSM cafe.

You said: Can we have an additional microwave in the RSM cafe?
We did: We are in the process of providing another microwave for student use.