The Department's commitment to excellence in teaching and learning is assisted by its external examiners who perform a vital role in the quality assurance process. The external examiners ensure that:

  • The standard of the degrees we award is comparable to other UK universities as defined by the QAA national benchmarks,
  • The standard of the degrees we award is consistent with the specification of our own programme and module specifications,
  • The Imperial assessment policy is implemented such that:
    • student achievement is measured against intended learning outcomes,
    • assessment is implemented fairly and equitably.

The external examiner activities include: reviewing syllabi, lecture content, reading lists, coursework requirements, examination papers etc.

  • Visiting the College to meet students and staff as well as sample student coursework,
  • Visiting the College to attend the end-of-year Board of Examiners' meeting,
  • The production of an annual report.

The Department must respond to every issue identified in the external examiner's report. This feedback is used to develop and improve our teaching and learning strategy as well as our assessment policy. The contents of the report are available to the student body via the student departmental representative on the Teaching Committee.

To summarise, the external examiners act as a 'critical friend' and a guardian of QAA, College and departmental rubrics and standards. The external examiners oversee that justice is done to every single student. The Department is very fortunate that its external examiners are some of the most distinguished academics in our subject area.

Meet our external examiners

Undergraduate programmes

The external examiners for the MEng Biomedical Engineering programme (2023-24) are:

  • Professor Adam Stokes- University of Edinburgh 
  • Professor Claire Brockett - University of Sheffield 
  • Professor Alexandre Kabla - University of Cambridge 

The external examiner for the MEng Molecular Bioengineering programme (2023-24) is:

  • Dr Adam Squires - University of Bath

The external examiner for the Intercalated BSc Medical Sciences with Biomedical Engineering programme (2023-24) is: 

  • Professor Adam Stokes- University of Edinburgh 

The external examiner for the UG BSc in Biomedical Technology Ventures (2023-24) is 

  • Professor Jeroen Bergmann- University of Oxford 

MSc programmes

The external examiners for the MSc Biomedical Engineering programme (2023-24) are:

  • Professor Vanessa Diaz - University College London
  • Professor Martin Graves - University of Cambridge  

The external examiner for the MSc Human and Biological Robotics programme (2023-24) are:

  • Professor Tony Pipe - The University of Bristol

The external examiner for the MSc Engineering for Biomedicine (2023-24) is:

  • Dr Steven Williams- University of Edinburgh 

MRes programmes

The external examiner for the MRes Bioengineering programme (2023-24) is:

  • Associate Professor Eoin O'Cearbhaill - University College Dublin 

 The external examiner for the MRes Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship programme (2023-24) is:

  • Professor Jonathan Cooper  - University of Glasgow

 The external examiner for the MRes Neurotechnology programme (2023-24) is:

  • Professor Miguel Maravall  - University of Sussex

 The external examiner for the MRes Cancer Technology (2023-24) is :

  • Professor Emad Moeendarbary - University College London