Below are the list of project associated with the Computational and Theoretical Modelling theme. Please note that some projects are in collaboration with other themes.

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Desk Based

SupervisorProject Title
Prof David Sharp, Dr Mazdak Ghajari Computational prediction of vascular injuries after traumatic brain injury
Prof Jimmy Moore Jr Drug mass transport in the interstitium
Dr Choon Hwai Yap Catheter Intervention in the Fetal Heart to Prevent Congenital Malformations
Dr Choon Hwai Yap Computational Modelling of Cardiac Biomechanics and Tissue Architecture to Understand Heart Failure
Dr Choon Hwai Yap Importance of the Forces of the Heart During Embryonic Heart Development
Dr Reiko Tanaka Automatic quantification of fungal burdens in histology images using deep neural‌ networks‌
Dr Reiko Tanaka Computational design of antifungal drug treatment schedules
Dr Reiko Tanaka Development of automated evaluation tool for clinical signs of atopic dermatitis using machine learning analysis
Dr Reiko Tanaka Development of computational tools to predict the occurrence of eczema using machine learning methods
Dr Reiko Tanaka Learning from noisy labels by EczemaNet
Dr Reiko Tanaka Mathematical modelling of filamentous fungal growth in vivo
Dr Reiko Tanaka Mechanistically inspired non-linear mixed effects models of invasive fungal infe‌ctions
Dr Reiko Tanaka Removing skin colour bias in eczema severity scoring using image-to-image transl‌ation‌
Dr Reiko Tanaka Systems biology approach for cancer immunotherapy: Dynamical mechanisms to turn "cold" tumours into "hot" tumours
Dr Reiko Tanaka Systems biology approach for mechanistic understanding of paediatric asthma exac‌erbations
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