MRes Cancer Technology students select their projects in October-November each year following opportunities to meet & discuss projects with supervisors. Projects draw from the diversity of research at Imperial and the Institute of Cancer Research and often include but are not limited to artificial intelligence, organ-on-chips, advanced imaging, nanotechnology, drug development and surgical technologies. There are typically 4-fold more projects than students, and all students have so far been allocated their first choice.  A sample of research projects that may be available for selection in the coming year as listed below. Because cancer research such is a rapidly changing field, project objectives often change to keep up.

Please visit our How do I apply? page for full details of the application process and deadlines.

List of Projects

SupervisorsProject Title
Amanda Foust & Chris Bakal A microscope that sees electricity: development of an optical imaging pipeline to evaluate cancer cell aggressiveness through electrical and morphological dynamics
Rylie Green & Amin Hajitou Implanted device development for targeted in-tumour delivery of chemotherapeutic
Sam Au & Jun Ishihara Investigating tumour-immune cell interactions for cancer immunotherapy using capillary-on-chip models
Sylvain Ladame & Jessica Strid Hydrogel-coated microneedle patches for diagnosis of skin cancers, at the point-of-care via detection of cancer-specific miRNA biomakers from skin interstitial fluid
Ruth McLauchlan & Josh Mason  Development of adaptive treatment techniques in head and neck radiotherapy
Nuria Oliva-Jorge & Iain McNeish  Selective and synergistic treatment of advanced ovarian cancer using DNA nanotechnology
Ali Yetisen & Louis Chesler  Lateral-Flow Assay Based Catecholamine Metabolite Detection in Neuroblastoma
Sam Au & Nicola Valeri  Self-assembled vascularised organoid-on-chip models to study the shedding of tumour DNA into circulation
Darryl Overby & Paul Huang  A Novel Organ-in-Chip Platform for Gynaecological Sarcomas
Darryl Overby & Emma Harris  An Organ-in-Chip Platform for Targeted Intra-Tumour Drug Delivery using Acoustic
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