Whatever type of signage you require, we can guide you through the process. For details on ensuring your signage is accessible, visit our Accessibility Guide.

What kind of signage do you require?

Campus signage

Estates Facilities take care of all branded internal and external campus signage at Imperial. Please visit the Signage pages of their website for further details and to find a pdf of the Wayfinding Guidelines.

Bespoke and dual-branded signage

For assistance with commissioning bespoke and dual-branded signage, please get in touch with the Communications department via Style Guide.

Digital signage

If you would like to create some digital signs to be displayed the digital screens around College, we can assist with ensuring the correct sizing, branding and format and commissioning design work if required. The screens can be used to advertise events and share news.

Visit the Web Guide for more details, or get in touch via Style Guide.

Signs for events and pull-up banners

We can recommend trusted suppliers for temporary signage for events and conferences and assist with commissioning relevant design work. Please visit our Accessibility Guide for details on ensuring signage is accessible to everyone during an event.