Every day, staff across Imperial write and edit on behalf of the College. Through our website, printed and digital publications, official letters, emails, newsletters and posters, we communicate with a range of audiences. This includes students and prospective students, colleagues, partner organisations, our alumni community and a global network of people interested in our work in the fields of science, engineering, business and medicine.

Clarity, consistency and inclusivity in writing style supports good communications and the way we write plays an important role in how our audiences engage with Imperial.

What this guidance does

Our writing style guidance helps to support writers and editors across the College by providing a set of guidelines and top tips to make sure that content written on behalf of the College reflects and communicates our mission and identity effectively.

Who this guidance is for

This guidance is intended primarily for professional staff who are writing on behalf of the College.

Academic staff preparing written material for publication should consult their publishers’ style guides. Students looking for support with academic writing skills and reference management can find resources and guidance on the Library Services website.

Need more support?

This guidance is not exhaustive. If you have a question or query that isn’t covered by our writing style guide, contact us at Style Guide.

Our Brand and Style Guide pages also include detailed information about our visual identity, including using the College's logo, our colour palette and font, and our photography guidelines.