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Imperial is committed to ensuring a positive environment for staff and students from all backgrounds, ages, disabilities, sexual orientations, caring status and more. We recognise and celebrate the diversity of our community and at the Careers Service, we want to enable the organisations we work with to embrace diversity in their talent and to discuss the barriers that remain. It is noted that team performance improves by 50 per cent when everyone feels included and a rich diversity makes us stronger, more innovative and more creative which results in better business performance.

We have forged strong working relationships with a wide variety of student groups and throughout the year we host a number of events and activities designed to enable conversations and help to remove barriers that face specific groups. Where possible we prioritise students from underrepresented groups within our activities to help bring about change. Below is a sample of some of our regular events and activities that have a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Throughout the year we build collaborative working relationships with students from a variety of underrepresented groups to develop various activities to ensure their voice is heard and to best support their interests. In parallel, we’d be happy to work with your recruitment or diversity and inclusion teams on bespoke events to complement our delivery. Do get in touch with us on

Please note we adhere to the Imperial's Conference events policy


Alumni Mentoring

Our scheme promotes and supports a structured relationship between alumni and current students, whereby alumni can share their professional experiences, personal insights and employability advice. We prioritise applications from students within underrepresented groups to increase their prospects through a greater understanding of the workplace and to enhance aspirations and increase their confidence when thinking about career plans. See our webpages for further information about Alumni Mentoring.

BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)

Working in partnership with relevant student societies we’re exploring ways to connect you with highly-talented BAME students to facilitate career discussions and share perspectives. Events include panel discussions and short presentations run throughout the year although a focus occurs around key calendar dates such as Black History Month (October).

If you have any questions please send an email to

LGBT+ Careers Networking Event

Held in February as part of LGBT+ History Month this event brings LGBT+ professionals from a range of employers together with highly-talented students to facilitate career discussions, to share insights and perspectives on the workplace and to demonstrate that it's possible to be comfortable and successful at work while being yourself. An invitation is extended to LGBT+ student societies across the London region via a network of careers services and LGBT+ student societies.

If you have any questions or are interested in attending please send an email to


Supporting disabled students

Access to Employment event

This event brings together disabled students and graduates with recruiters from a range of industries. Each year we collaborate with the LSE to host a series of information sessions for the attendees covering a range of topics including disclosure, access to work and reasonable adjustments. In partnership with a variety of diversity recruiters from a range of organisations we also host interview practice sessions, a Q&A panel and a networking activity.

Please check this page later in the year for more information, or send us an email to

Advertise disablity-specific opportunities

You can also advertise disablity-specific opportunities and events through a Careers Service Disability Email Network, please send any information to

Women’s Career Networking

Held in February, prior to International Women’s day, this event brings female professionals from a range of employers together with our highly-talented Imperial female students to facilitate career discussions, to share insights and perspectives on the workplace.

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Work Shadowing

Observing a professional in the workplace can help a student to understand and gain insight into a job role and workplace culture. Our work shadowing programme aims to offer a short yet enriching experience to first-year undergraduate students. We prioritise applicants from underrepresented groups to help them experience the realities of a professional environment, learn from professionals in a specific sector and establish networks to inform their career plans. Shadowing occurs during the Easter and Summer vacation period and further information is available from our webpages on Work Shadowing