Our promise:

It may take up to 48 hours from confirming your target email and sending us the required text, for it to be sent out.

Submit a targeted email request

Targeted emails allow information about your opportunities, event or organisation to be sent to a specified target group of students.

Student groups can be defined by:

  • Degree discipline (Department and/or course)
  • Nationality
  • Year of study
  • Level of student (undergraduate, master’s or research)

You can also pick a combination of the above, for example: final year Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Computing undergraduates from France and Germany.


A minimum fee of £50 + VAT is charged for the first 100 students, followed by an additional £25 + VAT for every additional 100 students. For example, to send a targeted email to 367 students it would cost £125 + VAT (£50 + [three x £25] + VAT)

How to request a targeted email

To request a quote please submit a targeted email request form.