Frequently asked questions

When and where is Friday Prayer?

Jumah Prayer takes place in the Imperial College Student Union, in Beit Quad (next to the steps to the Albert Hall on Prince Consort Rd) from 13.00. The Prayers are open to members of the public. 

If I am religious, can I do Mindfulness as well?

Yes! The world faiths all have practices that use some of the elements of Mindfulness like compassion and paying attention. We know people from all the world religions who have found that mindfulness supports their own religious faith and practice. 

If I am not religious - or belong to any faith tradition, what does the Chaplaincy offer?

We work with people of all world views - so if you want to explore things that matter to you, please get in touch. Our mindfulness programme, our meditation rooms, the PhD Reflection sessions, one-to-one support and coaching are all used by people who are not religious. 

If I am not a member of Imperial can I use the Islamic Prayer Room?

The Prayer Room is only available to members of College and official visitors, and to students and staff from the RCA and RCM. 

Is there a Catholic Mass?

Yes, Catholic Mass is held every week in the Chaplaincy on Wednesdays at 13.00. Contact Cath Soc or Fr Michael for more information. 

What is meditation?

There are different forms of meditation - both religious and non-religious. They all involve paying attention to thoughts, emotions and sensations, of keeping attention on the present moment and of being compassionate to ourselves (and others). 

How can I start practicing meditation?

 We have drop-in sessions each week for Mindfulness (non-religious) and Buddhist and Christian meditation. Hindu Society also offers meditation in its programme of events. You can also use our audio guides to start meditating right now! 

Can I use the Chaplaincy Centre for my own prayer or meditation?

 Yes, all members of College are welcome to use the Chaplaincy in this way. To make this possible we ask that people be willing to share the space with others in a friendly silence. At times we have had people silently praying, meditating and doing Tai Chi all at the same time! 

Who can use the chaplaincy?

Students and staff of Imperial, the RCA and RCM are welcome to use the Chaplaincy. We can issue guest cards to regular users from the RCA and RCM. 

What does multi-faith mean?

It means that the Chaplaincy supports the range of faith groups and world religions represented among the Imperial community. We are very pleased to host the different student faith societies and to work with Chaplains and Faith Advisors from many different faiths. We also support people whose world view is not religious. 

What do chaplains do? What role do they play?

We offer one to one support in areas of spiritual and personal development, to explore personal meaning and are here for you during times of crisis or bereavement. We also host student faith societies and bring people together from different faiths. Visit this page to find our more.