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Organising and scientific committee

Organising committee

Prof. Omar Matar, Head of Department
Prof. Camille Petit, Director of Research
Anusha Sri-Pathmananthan, Head of Faculty Operations and Department Operations Manager
Angela M Lonergan, Project Manager
Navta Hussain, Communications Manager

Scientific committee

The Scientific committee comprises representatives from academia (research & teaching at various career stages) and industry:

  • Prof Omar Matar, Head of Department
  • Prof Camille Petit, Director of Research
  • Dr Zayeed Alam [Procter & Gamble]
  • Prof Benoit Chachuat
  • Dr Yuval Elani
  • Dr Ceri Hammond
  • Dr Christian Holtze [BASF]
  • Dr Lyes Kahouadji
  • Prof Erich Muller
  • Prof Sandro Macchietto
  • Dr Marsha Maraj
  • Dr Maria Papathanasiou
  • Dr Ronny Pini
  • Prof Karen Polizzi
  • Dr Umang Shah
  • Dr Chris Tighe

Logistics team

We have a number of staff across the department assisting with planning and organising:

  • Dionne Alexander
  • Eghosa Atti
  • James Campbell
  • Deesha Chadha
  • Jingyu Feng
  • Ieke Hilmy
  • Avery Kitchens
  • Lana Lee
  • David Owen
  • Asheeka Padhiar
  • Jana Pierron
  • Laia Santamaria-Ortega
  • Alexandra Szymanska
  • Viji Pillai-Wixey