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Plenary speakers

Plenary speakers

Professor Lisa Hall |  Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology | University of Cambridge, UK

Talk: Engineered proteins for diagnostics in Low Income Countries







Professor Marco Mazzotti |  Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering | ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Talk: Carbon dioxide management solutions - From research to demonstration




Programme themes and info

Programme themes


This theme covers work related to the use of biological systems or living organisms to develop or create products with the aim to solve global challenges in food, water, energy and healthcare. 

Data-centric chemical engineering and process systems engineering

This theme covers work related to the development or application of data science, artificial intelligence, and process modelling tools to analyse, design, and operate complex engineering systems and solve chemical engineering challenges.  

Molecular systems engineering

This theme covers work related to the use and development of tools to understand molecular properties and behaviours, and design materials, processes, and systems with specific functions. 

Net-zero energy pathways

This theme covers work related to the discovery, development, application or assessment of chemicals, materials, processes, technologies, and systems aimed at reducing pollution, emissions, and waste, and/or improving efficiency and circularity towards more sustainable energy generation.  

Sustainable and efficient chemical processes

This theme covers work related to the discovery, development, application or assessment of chemicals, materials, processes, technologies linked to sustainable and efficient production of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and materials, e.g., by reducing pollution, emissions, and waste and/or by improving efficiency and circularity. 

Education session - Integrating sustainability best practices into chemical engineering curriculum

Chemical engineers are uniquely positioned to help address the looming need to adopt sustainable practices in the various chemical engineering industrial processes. It is imperative that chemical engineers not only understand process economics and financials, which are crucial for the commercial viability of any project but also ensure the technical success of the global sustainability endeavours. Consequently, it is imperative that chemical engineers and educators realise their integral role in driving sustainability initiatives forward. We are inviting talks to outline how sustainability is conceptualised and integrated into the chemical engineering curriculum. We hope to share best practices and foster a conversation to holistically embed sustainability into the chemical engineer’s educational journey.

Translation session - Translating Chemical Engineering: from research to societal impact
[Inviting "pitch" presentations - follow the same process as abstract submission to submit]

This session is designed to inspire and educate the audience around the topic of entrepreneurship in the Chemical Engineering sector. The session will comprise a keynote and a panel discussion, involving representatives from academia, start-ups, SMEs and large companies, investment firms and the public funding sector. The panel includes:

  • Dr Zayeed Alam, Director, Corporate Data & Modeling Sciences, P&G
  • Prof David Fairen-Jimenez, Professor in Molecular Engineering, The University of Cambridge
  • Dr Helen Liang, CTO & Co-Founder, Labcycle
  • Dr Mark Selby, CIO, Ceres

Together, they will share their perspective and experience around translating research into business, the successes and challenges they faced as well as the things they would have liked to know.

We also invite “pitch” presentations from early-stage start-ups (i.e. launched in the last 3 years) from which winners will be selected by both the panellists and the audience.