Theme overview

Energy and Environmental Engineering covers materials, processes, technologies and systems in support of a highly efficient and sustainable future. It is a branch of chemical engineering that seeks to efficiently use energy and to preserve and maintain the natural environment.

The theme addresses important global challenges such as energy and emissions management, energy and fuel provision, storage, transportation and environmentally and economically sustainable energy provision, clean water production and purification, and waste resource management and utilisation.

The aim of this research theme is to provide a sustainable future in line with net zero targets by delivering materials, methods, processes, technologies and systems that combine knowledge from across a variety of disciplines.

Specific research activities include clean fossil-fuel technologies, carbon capture and sub-surface processing of hydrocarbons, recovery of oil and gas, technologies and systems for waste heat recovery/harvesting, conventional and renewable power (e.g. solar), heating and cooling, energy integration and storage.

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Imperial voices on climate & environment: Dr Gbemi Oluleye

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