EDI Training has a multitude of benefits, including better awareness for those who manage, hire and supervise others within our Department, creating a greater knowledge base for spurring further EDI initiatives, and to create a more inclusive community for underrepresented groups.

Student EDI training

In the 2020/21 academic year, we introduced compulsory EDI training into our undergraduate teaching as part of our 2nd year course. This includes an overview of EDI activities at a Department and College level, a discussion of role-models and how to be a good ally.

Additionally, the course involves workshops delivered by an external organisation who provide facilitator-led exploration of unconscious bias, privilege, racism awareness, microaggressions as well as providing interactive exercises and opportunities for students to reflect on and share their own experiences.

In 2021/22, we added additional courses for 1st year students focused on communication, culture, and respect to enable students to approach working in a multicultural environment in a positive manner in addition to bullying and harassment, and mindfulness and resilience.

From 2021/22, we have introduced EDI training for all our postgraduate students as part of their induction material. All students now receive Active Bystander, Unconscious Bias, and How to Avoid Imposter Syndrome training.

Active Bystander Training has now been introduced as part of our 3rd year curriculum and in 2022/23 we will hold additional sessions to ensure all students in our current cohort have the opportunity to attend these sessions.


"EDI is a very important topic and I am glad it has been covered"

"The workshop was very needed and appreciated"

"This unique environment facilitates conversations that are often too touchy to be had elsewhere"

Staff EDI training

Our staff can access EDI training courses from the College and are expected to complete a minimum level of training. From 2022, staff training will be measured to be at either Bronze, Silver or Gold level depending on the number of courses taken within the last 4 years:

Bronze - College online, EDI training, Unconscious bias online training, 1 additional EDI course

Silver - To meet Bronze target, plus 3 additional EDI courses

Gold - To meet Bronze target, plus 4 additional EDI courses, 2 day Mental Health First-Aider course or suitable Outreach work.

Staff who reach Silver or Gold level can now use electronic badges in their email signatures and collect badges to wear on their lanyards.



"I really enjoyed the LGBTQ+ awareness training. It just highlighted how staying on top of changes in legislation is so important when championing EDI as it protects not only the people but the organisation"

"I understood more about mental health problems, especially high-functioning depression in ‘MHFA half day course’ and learnt how to support our students. I would recommend all staff to do the course"

"Understanding LGBTQ+ mental health was an excellent course. It was just the right mix of information, case studies and discussion and was also a safe space to discuss relevant personal experiences"

"I was really surprised by the breath of courses available and while in some areas I was enlighten already I have really learned a lot on neurodiversity, for instance. Having a badge is a nice touch, but feeling better equipped to provide an inclusive environment for my teaching and research duties is definitely a perk"


Example additional EDI courses