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Department Emeritus, Senior Research Investigators, Visitors


Visiting and honorary staff

Jeni Giambona Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Visiting and Honorary staff

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) Emeritus, Senior Research Investigators, Visitors

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 Nigel Graham

Nigel Graham

Emeritus Professor of Environmental Engineering, MA, MSc, PhD, DIC, ScD(Cantab), FICE, FIChemE, FCIWEMbr
Drinking water and wastewater treatment technologies; Treatment process evaluation and modelling; Intermediate technology methods; Water supply management and systems; Water quality modelling; Oxidation, coagulation and filtration processes. 
Cedo Maksimovic

Cedo Maksimovic

Principal Research Fellow, PhD
Applied fluid mechanics in urban water systems: storm drainage, urban flooding water supply and interactions of urban water systems and infrastructure with the environment. 
 Howard Wheater

Professor Howard Wheater

Senior Research Investigator, Distinguished Research Fellow, Emeritus Professor of Hydrology
Professor Howard Wheater is Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureat in Water Security and Director, Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan. A leading expert in hydrological science, he has extensive international experience of flood, water resource and surface and groundwater quality management. He is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and AGU and won the Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Water.
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators

Visiting and honorary staff

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Professor Agyei-Mensah Provost’s Visiting Professor of Population Health
He is a Professor in the Department of Geography and Resource Development at the University of Ghana. He has served the University of Ghana as Head of Department, Dean of the School of Social Sciences and as Provost of the largest College of Humanities which encompasses the Business School, School of Social Sciences, School of Law, School of Arts and School of Performing Arts. Professor Agyei-Mensah is the Director and Project Leader respectively of the Andrew Mellon Foundation funded Centre for Teaching and Learning Innovation (CTLI) and Building the Next Generation of African Academics (BANGA) project funded by Carnegie Foundation, New York. He has served as visiting lecturer/guest researcher in many universities across the world including Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, University of Flensburg, Germany, Ohio State University, USA, and Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. Professor Agyei-Mensah is a Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Research Areas:
His areas of expertise are in using geographical concepts, geospatial technology and citizen science in studying population health and spatial inequality.

David Balmforth Visiting Professor: Technical Director with international consultants MWH, specialising in flood risk management, water pollution control and climate change adaptation. Industrial Advisory Panel member of Environmental Engineering MSc course.
Neil McIntyre Visiting Professor
Denis Peach Visiting Professor
Mrs Hilary Stone Visitor 
James Lau  Visitor 
Jeongha Park Sponsored (visiting) Researcher: Hongik University Seoul. Rainfall generation for a changing climate. 
Ana Pitol Sponsored Researcher
Hannah Rigby Honorary Research Associate
Saumya Srivastava Sponsored Researcher
May Sule Honorary Research Associate
Aitolkyn Uali Sponsored Researcher
David Wilson Senior Research Investigator, Visiting Professor: Independent consultant in waste and resources management, specialising in high-level policy and strategy work. Industrial Advisory Panel member of Environmental Engineering MSc course.
Visiting and Honorary staff

Fluid Mechanics Emeritus, Senior Research Investigators, Visitors and Honorary staff

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Chris Swan

Chris Swan

Emeritus Professor of Hydrodynamics, PhD, CEng, MIMarEST
Surface water waves; Extreme ocean waves; Wave kinematics; Wave statistics; Wave-structure and wave-vessel interactions; Wave loading; Impact loading; Experimental and numerical modeling. 
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators

Visiting and honorary staff

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Ben Devenish
Honorary Visiting Professor
Met Office.
Turbulence and dispersion (particularly in the atmospheric boundary layer), buoyant plumes, and the dispersion of volcanic ash and cloud formation.
Shaui Huang
Visiting Academic
National Institute of Natural Hazards, China. 
Fluid-structure interaction of floating objects, with applications that include the tracking of sea/river ice, the motion of tsunami debris and their impacts on infrastructure and built environments. 
Visiting and Honorary staff

Geotechnics Emeritus, Senior Research Investigators, Visitors and Honorary staff

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 Professor Julian Bommer

Professor Julian Bommer

Senior Research Investigator, FREng
Professor Julian Bommer specialises in seismic hazard assessment, for both natural and induced earthquakes, and the definition of inputs to earthquake-resistant design and seismic risk assessments. He works extensively on major engineering projects including nuclear power plants, both for operators and regulatory bodies.
 John Burland

Professor John Burland

Senior Research Investigator, Emeritus Professor of Soil Mechanics
Professor John Burland specialises in problems relating to the interaction between the ground and masonry buildings and has been responsible for the design of many large ground engineering projects. He has served as expert witness for Parliamentary Select Committees and advised on geotechnical aspects of projects, including the Big Ben Clock Tower, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City and the high profile Leaning Tower of Pisa.
 Dick Chandler

Professor Dick Chandler

Emeritus Professor of Geotechnical Engineering
Professor Chandler has a wide interest in geotechnical problems, but especially slope stability, landslides, tailings dams, piled foundations, and foundations in shrinking and swelling clays. He has been involved with numerous investigations in dam collapse projects and landslide problems both in the UK and overseas. 
 Mike de Freitas

Dr Mike de Freitas

Distinguished Research Fellow and Emeritus Reader in Engineering Geology
Dr Michael de Freitas' areas of expertise includes the application of geology at far- and near-field scales to engineering design and construction in soil and rock, at and below ground level, and including the prediction and control of ground water. He advises on industrial and contractual problems both in the UK and overseas for the private and public sectors. He is a member of the Geological Society and other Geological related Societies and served on the research grants committee of NERC. 
 Sarma Sarada

Dr Sarada Sarma

Emeritus Reader in Engineering Seismology
Dr Sarma has focused his research efforts in the fields of geotechnical earthquake engineering and engineering seismology. In 1973 he introduced the first Sarma Method followed by the second more popular Sarma Method in 1979 for analysing stability of slopes both for use in seismic as well as in static conditions. He has served as a consultant on a number of projects for industry and he was invited by the Government of India to advise on the seismological and geotechnical aspects of earthquakes following the disastrous Bhuj Earthquake of India in January 2001.
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators

Visiting and honorary staff

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Antonio Carraro  Honorary Lecturer: Fundamental soil mechanics; Advanced laboratory testing of soils; Sustainable geomaterials; Intermediate soils; Offshore sediments.
Wenjie Cui Academic Visitor: 
George Dounias Visiting Professor: Director at EDAFOS SA, specialising in analysis, design and construction supervision of embankment dams, tunnels, deep foundations, landslide stabilisation and road earthworks.
Kelvin Higgins Visiting Professor: A Senior Partner at GCG, he is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and currently the Chairman of the British Geotechnical Association.
Stavroula Kontoe Visiting Reader in Soil Dynamics: Computational geomechanics; Earthquake engineering; Site response; Dynamic behaviour of soils and earth structures.  
Giuseppe Pedone Visiting Academic: Assistant Professor in Geotechnics at the University of Trento (Italy) specialising in slope stability and landslide risk mitigation, finite element modelling, and pile behaviour under lateral loading.
Dr Jun Zhu Visiting Researcher. A research fellow at Beijing University of Technology, specialising in seismic analysis and design of underground structures,site response analysis, topographic effects, and the development of numerical methods
Visiting and honorary staff
Visiting and honorary staff

Materials Emeritus, Senior Research Investigators, Visitors

Visiting and Honorary Staff

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Mike Cook Visiting Professor & Chair of our Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) 
Adria Quintanas Corominas  Sponsored Researcher: Developing new computational solutions for materials engineering challenges.
Tushar Mandal Visiting Research Associate: Developing new phase field-based computational tools for predicting hydrogen assisted failures.
Emilio Martínez-Pañeda Visiting Reader: Fracture mechanics; Environmental degradation of materials; Metal plasticity; Rock micromechanics; Computational mechanics.
Alfredo Zafra García  Research Associate: Susceptibility of metals to hydrogen embrittlement. 
Visiting and Honorary staff
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators

Structures Emeritus, Senior Research Investigators, Visitors and Honorary staff

 Ahmed Elghazouli

Ahmed Elghazouli

Professor of Structural Engineering, PhD, DIC, CEng, FIStructE, FICE
The response of structures to extreme loads, Structural earthquake engineering, Structural fire engineering; Structural robustness. 
 Roger Hobbs

Professor Roger Hobbs

Senior Research Investigator, Distinguished Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Structural Engineering
Professor Hobbs has been associated with Imperial for over 50 years, completing his BSc and PhD here in the 1960s, and later serving as Head of Department in the mid 1990s.  Throughout his career, he has maintained close links with Industry, and is still active in Tension Technology International, Ltd, providing design services in moorings for offshore structures,  a place where interesting research topics frequently emerge. He was involved with the EU committee responsible for the development of the steel Eurocode, EC3, and with the latest edition of the OCIMF Mooring Guidelines. 
 David Lloyd-Smith

Professor David Lloyd-Smith

Emeritus Professor of Structural Mechanics
David Lloyd Smith retired in 2009, but remains active as a teacher, researcher and scholar in the field of structural mechanics.  In recognition of his contribution to the academic life of the College, he was elected to the Fellowship of Imperial College in May 2012.
 David Nethercot

Professor David Nethercot

Senior Research Investigator, Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering, Professor David A Nethercot OBE, is former Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College and former Deputy Principal (Teaching) of the Engineering Faculty. He has more than thirty years experience of research, specialised advisory work and committee activity in the area of steel, aluminium and composite construction. 
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators

Visiting and honorary staff

Atula Abeysekera Professor of Practice: Atula is a specialist in enterprise risk management and is a senior risk officer in the City of London with over 25 years experience in working for global financial organisations. He is a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Civil Engineer. Atula holds a Masters degree in Engineering Hydrology at the Department of Civil Engineering at Imperial College. Atula teaches business risk management to 2nd year and 3rd year MEng students. 
Haig Gulvanessian
Visiting Professor
Yutao Guo  Sponsored Researcher
Gaby Khoury
Senior Research Investigator, Visiting Professor: Gaby Khoury has been a Visiting Professor since leaving Imperial College in 2009. During his time at the College, he worked in a wide range of specialisations, including the impact of fire on structures, fire safety and the London Greenways Project. He has also worked on the design and construction of airships.
Luca Modenese Research Fellow, PhD Computational models of the musculoskeletal anatomy; Advanced dynamic analyses to understand the principles underlying human motion and motor control
Alan Powderham
Visiting Professor
Michael Rotter Visiting Professor
Faith Wainwright Visiting Professor
Visiting and Honorary staff

Systems Emeritus, Senior Research Investigators, Visitors

 David Fisk

David Fisk

Laing O'Rourke Professor of Systems Engineering and Innovation, FCIBSE, FIoP, FRIBA, FREng
Systems Engineering; Optimising the outturn performance of buildings and other complex mechanical and electrical systems
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators

Visiting and honorary staff

Ranjith Soman Honorary Research Associate: Semantic web technologies, systems thinking, and artificial intelligence in civil infrastructure.
Visiting and Honorary staff

Transport Emeritus, Senior Research Investigators, Visitors

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 George England

Professor Andrew Evans

Senior Research Investigator, Emeritus Professor of Transport Risk Management
Professor Andrew Evans is Lloyds Register Professor of Transport Risk Management in the Centre for Transport Studies. His research interests include railway and road safety, risk estimation, risk appraisal, the economics of safety, and safety regulation. He served as an expert witness at the Cullen and Uff rail accident inquiries, is Chairman of PACTS and a member of various transport safety committees as well as being specialist adviser to the House of Lords 96-97. 
 Neil Hoose

Neil Hoose

Senior Research Investigator, Visiting Professor 
In 1999 Neil formed the Bittern Partnership, which subsequently became Bittern Consulting Limited in 2003, an independent consultancy specialising in intelligent transport systems, with particular experience in traffic monitoring technologies and traffic data systems. 
 Stephen Glaister

Professor Stephen Glaister

Emeritus Professor of Transport Infrastructure, CBE, PhD, FICE, FTRF, FCGI
Transport Policy, Infrastructure appraisal, Utility regulation and privatisation. Transport planning in London, Private finance initiative, Public private partnerships.
 Tony Ridley

Professor Tony Ridley

Emeritus Professor of Transport Engineering 
Since his retirement in 1999, after a distinguished career in Industry and Academe, Tony Ridley has maintained a high profile in professional and technical affairs, acting as an advisor on transport-related engineering problems as well as Government-backed school building programmes. As a past President, he has until recently represented the Institution of Civil Engineers on the World Council of Civil Engineers. 
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators
Emeritus and Senior Research Investigators

Visiting and honorary staff

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Mike Bell Visiting Professor: Senior Research Investigator of Transport Operations.  Director of Transport Operations Research Group at University of Newcastle in 1996 and promoted to Personal Chair in the same year.  Joined Imperial College in 2002 where his research and teaching interests have spanned travel demand forecasting, network modelling, traffic engineering and control, transport telematics, and logistics.
Samer Bageen  Visiting Professor: Arcadis and the University of Kent
Jorge Varela Barreras Honorary Research Fellow: Batteries and their applications in e-mobility and energy storage
David Bayliss Visiting Professor: Chairman of the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund
Robert Cochrane Visiting Profesor: Has over 40 years international experience in financial appraisal, planning, construction and operation of transport facilities. Following a career which has included periods as Director of two leading consultancy practices, he has operated for the last 8 years as an Independent Consultant. Experience in container ports includes design, construction and operation of the world's largest private terminals and the development of strategic plans for Hong Kong as a logistics hub for the Pearl River and Asia.
Sheila Farrell Visiting Professor
Nils Goldbeck Honorary Research Fellow: Urban infrastructure systems affect their resilience against disruptions
Simon Hu  Honorary Research Fellow: Transport telematics; Vehicle emissions modelling; Traffic simulation modelling; Dynamic route guidance system; Traffic management and data fusion
Ioannis Kaparias Honorary Lecturer: Traffic Management, Intelligent Transport Systems, Transport Network Reliability, Travel Behaviour, Transport and Public Realm
Rajesh Krishnan Honorary Research Fellow: Dr Rajesh Krishnan is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Transport Studies. His research areas include Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), traffic sensors, real-time and offline analysis and use of transport data, traffic control and management and public transport.  He has been involved with a number of cutting edge ITS projects, working closely with academia and local government agencies in the UK. 
Mauro Manela Honorary Lecturer: TFL
Nick Molden Senior Research Fellow
Ali Niknejad Honorary Research Associate: Maritime transport; vessel chartering optimisation; supply chain risk management.
Charilaos Latinopoulos Honorary Research Associate: Analysis of electric vehicle drivers' recharging behaviour and the development of business models for parking facilities and charging service providers; emerging mobility services and the application of dynamic pricing methods for supply-demand imbalance problems.
Martin Lee-Gosselin Visiting Profesor:  Specialises in survey, group process, analysis and evaluation methods to investigate activity/travel behaviour, both as it exists now, and in response to future changes in policy, or the availability of alternative energy, vehicle and telecommunications technologies.
Kenta Matsui  Sponsored Researcher: Fleet management algorithms for autonomous mining dump trucks.
Lazarus Ojigi Visiting Professor: His specialisation areas include Space Geodesy, Satellite Remote Sensing, Geospatial Data Science/Computing and Engineering Surveying. He is Professor of Geomatics (Surveying and Geoinformatics), and was formerly with the Department of Geomatics, at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria. He was the Director of Mission Planning and Satellite Data Management Department at the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Abuja, Nigeria. He is currently the Executive Director of African Regional Institute for Geospatial Information Science and Technology (AFRIGIST), under the auspices of United Nation Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Obafemi Awolowo University Campus, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Professor Ojigi’s research interests’ area is in Geodesy and Surveying.
Marcus Wigan Visiting Professor: His research interests include (i) integrated transport policy including powered and unpowered two and three wheelers, as well as mobility options ranging from electric bicycles to hybrid and conventional 'cars', freight and logistical systems and modelling analyses of all these areas; pavement management systems and ITS; GIS applications to human geography; Location Based Services and their ITS and privacy and surveillance aspects; Governance of transport and information systems; transport data and its effective utilisation; and contestable evidence based policy as a transformative tool in the transitions to sustainability.
Visiting and Honorary staff