• £2million project frunded by Crossrail and EPSRC
  • 21km of twin-bore railway tunnels constructed through central London

This research was run in conjunction with the Crossrail project – involving construction of 21km of twin-bore railway tunnels through central London where the new tunnels interface with existing networks of London Underground tunnels and other utility tunnels. For the western tunnel section, the twin tunnels are constructed using 7.2m diameter earth-pressure-balance tunnel boring machines (TBMs), mostly in London Clay. The project was, funded by EPSRC and Crossrail. 

The research focus is on tunnels lined with grey cast-iron segments which are the most common type constructed pre-war in London. The research aim is  to understand the interactive behaviour of the cast-iron segmental linings of existing tunnels and the ground in response to the adjacent tunnelling.

Dr Jamie Standing, Professor Dave Potts, Professor John Burland and Dr Robert Vollum

Geotechnics Section