Each year we recruit a team of interns from – both externally, as well as from Imperial’s highly-regarded science communication Master’s programme – to work alongside staff in Communications. Communications interns produce content across the Imperial News site, our podcast and our YouTube channel, as well as provide coverage of major events such as the annual Imperial Festival.


Current interns

Meet our Communications Interns for 2023-24. 

Current interns

  • Alex Ephstein

    Alex Ephstein

    Personal details

    Alex Ephstein News intern

    About Alex

    Having studied Global Health for my undergraduate degree, I delved into science communication after leading the 2022 iGEM team, sparking my passion for engaging youth in synthetic biology. Advocating at the intersection of art and science, I emphasize diverse narratives, spotlighting accessibility in scientific pursuits. This evolved into a mission to bridge gaps between science and society, diversifying academia and making it accessible to all. Through weaving narratives through different modes of storytelling, I strive to inspire the younger generation's curiosity in the marvels of science, while championing diverse voices and fostering understanding in this captivating field.

    Throughout my undergraduate degree I also worked in a bookshop, which helped broaden my reading taste exponentially. I love delving into new worlds of science fiction, or any genre really, so if you have any good book recommendations, feel free to let me know!

  • Helena Kudiabor

    Helena Kudiabor

    Personal details

    Helena Kudiabor News intern

    About Helena

    I’m a creative person, so thinking about how creative media can be used to spotlight science research is something I’m interested in. Moving from London to New Jersey aged 16 has also given me a unique perspective into how perceptions of science differ across different countries. 

    Having studied Global Health and Social Medicine at undergraduate level, I’m particularly interested in how creative media can be used to spotlight health conditions. I’ve been really enjoying gaining a theoretical and practical understanding of these ideas during my Master’s here at Imperial. 

    Outside of Imperial, I’m a Content Editor for AllAboutGroup, a careers guidance service. I also work with Student Minds to help them improve their advocacy campaigns. In my free time, I enjoy reading, creative writing and baking!

  • Sharvani Sivakumar

    Sharvani Sivakumar

    Personal details

    Sharvani Sivakumar Media intern

    About Sharvani

    Having specialised in Zoology, I graduated from the Natural Sciences course at the University of Cambridge in June 2023 and am now pursuing the MSc Science Communication course at Imperial. As a monetised content creator on YouTube and Instagram, I enjoy documenting, reflecting upon, and sharing my life experiences. I aim to bring together my skills in communication and creativity to effectively grab the attention of target audiences, tell impactful stories and amplify perspectives and voices that need to be seen and heard.

    In my free time, I’m found in the kitchen creating or indulging in yummy vegan meals, outdoors on runs or on my yoga mat finding what feels good.

Previous interns

2022-23 Communications Interns

Sachin Sreejith

With an academic background in engineering and anthropology, I have previously worked in a range of sectors carrying out research on topics including global financial markets, geopolitics, and climate change.

I am now interested in learning how I can make such research more accessible to a wider audience through digital storytelling, and improve knowledge-sharing processes at highly impactful organisations to mobilise change towards a more equal and better society.

In my free time, I like to explore our wonderful world and make short films about my adventures.

Aminul Schuster

As I near the completion of my final year in Biomedical Sciences, I have come to deeply appreciate the art of translating intricate scientific concepts to the wider public. What captivates me, even more, is the dynamic interplay between science policies and research and their profound impact on society, along with the immense potential of science to drive positive change, and how they are communicated.

Fuelled by a passion for science communication, my goal is to inform, inspire, and ignite meaningful conversations worldwide. I aim to achieve this by learning diverse communication forms, including various media, to showcase and explain exciting research and innovation.

Beyond science, my irresistible fascination lies in the enchanting world of transportation, particularly my love for the bustling London Tube. Moreover, I have an insatiable curiosity for languages, which I see as powerful bridges connecting diverse perspectives across the globe. Currently, I am learning Korean and German. Embracing the influential combination of language and science communication, my mission is to foster a world where knowledge transcends boundaries, and ideas flow freely, uniting all cultures and communities.

Julie Hoeflinger

I am an MSc Science Communication student at Imperial. I have a BSc in neuroscience from the Ohio State University. I hope to use my career in science communication to inform, inspire, and create conversation for change.

2021-22 Communications Interns

Jacklin Kwan (News intern)

I am a MSc Science Communication student from Singapore who is pursuing a career in science news writing. Before joining Imperial College London, I graduated with an MPhys from the University of Manchester and got a Gold-Standard NCTJ Diploma in Journalism from News Associates. I won an award for best data story of the year between 2020-2021 at the NCTJ Awards for Excellence!

Apart from my passions in science writing, I'm a horror cinephile who has watched more than 50 horror movies (all ranging in quality, of course). I love travelling and food as well, so I cannot wait until I next have the chance to fly abroad.

2020-21 Communications Interns

Alana Cullen (News intern)

I’ve always loved learning about science, which led me to undertake an undergrad in Biology at the University of Manchester. During this course I learnt that what I enjoyed most was telling the stories of science, and what discoveries mean for the world around us.

Doing the MSc in Science Communication has opened up avenues to a range of careers; from science journalism to science policy. I continue to learn about the complexity of science, and its interactions with society.

Outside of university, I enjoy ballet and baking, and can usually be found listening to Taylor Swift.  

Jay Balamurugan (News intern)

I am a postgraduate Science Communication student from Malaysia with a deep interest in sharing my passion for science with the wider public through writing and film. Before coming to Imperial, I completed my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences in Lancaster, where I discovered my love for communicating science.

Some of my hobbies include making YouTube videos, writing fiction and non-fiction, and scientific illustration (specifically paleoart, the practice of illustrating extinct fauna and flora). In the long term, I would love to get involved with making documentaries, working in museums, or doing educational work with zoos!  

Lucy Lipscombe (Media intern)

Perhaps uniquely for a scientist, I am also an accomplished artist. Growing up in an artistic family, the beauty of the natural world has always fascinated me. Hours spent painting and drawing things found in my garden or strange creatures discovered whilst travelling fuelled an inquisitive nature within me. This led to a great appreciation and respect for the Earth and a goal to help protect it.

I did my undergraduate in Chemistry and found art to be very helpful when trying to explain difficult scientific concepts. Although enjoying my undergraduate, the world of research wasn’t calling my name. But realising that I could combine art and science through science communication was my lightbulb moment and led me to the MSc in Science Media Production.

In my spare time I make and sell jewellery, my dream day would be at a festival knee deep in mud and my favourite food is fish finger sandwich.

2019-20 Communications Interns

Mariana Kneppers (Media intern)

I’m originally from Walnut Creek, California. Growing up, our living room was filled with the sounds and images of popular science communicators including Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin.

I was always fascinated by the natural world and these programs only stoked my passion for the environment and the science behind it. This passion led to my undergraduate studies in Biology and Environmental science. Following my bachelors, I spent a year abroad working in diving and marine research in the Seychelles and Haiti where I discovered my passion for coral conservation.

I soon realized that while I loved research, these efforts are pointless if they can’t be effectively communicated to a global audience. As a result, I joined the MSc Science Communication program here at Imperial to combine these two fields in the same way my TV heroes did. Outside of class, I love singing and being active. I like long walks on the beach, my favorite animal is the manta ray and raw carrots give me the hiccups.

Sara Knudsen (News intern)

I'm a Danish student with an undergrad in Molecular Medicine and an interest in science communication. As far back as I can remember, investigating and retelling science stories has been my favourite pastime activity.

I'm interested in how science fits into global issues and how we can solve problems using the knowledge of different people from different communities. Doing the MSc in Science Communication at Imperial is expanding my idea of what science communication is and I'm excited about the complexity of the subject.

Outside of uni, I'm usually your typical student exploring all London (and England) has to offer.

S Reid-Collins (News intern)

Growing up I was always really inquisitive, I loved exploring the world around us and learning how everything works and fits together in a beautiful tapestry. I’ve always loved being able to express that knowledge and writing about the world around us.

Before coming to Imperial to study the MSc in Science Communication, I completed my undergraduate studies in journalism, where I realised my passion for science communication. Taking the incredible advancements that scientists are making in their fields and helping that knowledge reach a wider audience is truly exciting to me! 

Outside of university, you’ll find me reading (especially dystopic science fiction), exploring the world and swimming in as many lakes as possible, fire spinning, or skating with my team, London Roller Derby.

2018-19 Communications Interns

Bernadeta Dadonaite (News intern)

I’m originally from Lithuania and I came to Imperial in 2011 to do an undergraduate degree in Microbiology. Afterwards, I couldn’t get enough of science, so I ended up doing a PhD at the University of Oxford, studying the RNA structure of the influenza virus genome. During my PhD I was involved in various forms of science outreach from giving talks in pubs to organising science-themed exhibitions.

I’ve always been interested in science communication, particularly because science is full of complex ideas and I wanted to know how scientists can be better at communicating those ideas to the public. This interest led me back to Imperial where I’m currently doing an MSc in Science Media Production, supported by a studentship from the Wellcome Trust. I’m interested in radio and TV production and I also hope to combine the programming skills I’ve gained during my PhD for the use in data journalism.

In my spare time I like to go out for some long-distance runs, while listening to my endless playlist of podcasts.

Juanita Bawagan (News intern)

I'm a Canadian science writer and current MSc Science Communication student at Imperial College London.

Previously, I worked at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Metro News (Canada) and PEN Canada in Toronto. I received a Bachelor's degree in journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Outside of class, you'll find me exploring London's markets, movie theatres and concert halls. You can also follow me on Twitter: @JuanitaBawagan.

Liam Duan (Media intern)

I studied my undergrad in Biomedical Sciences at Imperial, specialising in Global Health in my intercalated final year. I’ve always enjoyed communicating science to others, whether it was through tutoring or volunteering at the British Science Association to hold events at the Science Museum Lates.

With an interest for the creative arts, particularly film, I wanted to combine my love of science with media, naturally leading me towards the MSc Science Media Production at Imperial. Volunteering at the Global Health Film Festival has inspired my ambition towards making documentaries about health, communities and cultures around the world.

Beyond academia, I enjoy exploring what London has to offer, playing badminton, competing for the Imperial Medic’s Badminton Team, and occasionally like to paint.