Ways to engage with us

Connect with us on social media

Many of our research groups and academics have their own Twitter account (see sidebar) or other social media channel. By following the Department @ImperialSandC you will keep up to date with all that's going on.

MSk lab

Participate in a patient study or help design one

The following research groups within the Department are looking for public and patient participation in their studies. To find out more please visit:

External event

Attend an event

Events let our colleagues, the wider College and the general public know about what we are doing and why our research is important. 

  • See current scheduled Events in the Department. Public events are marked 'Audience: Open to all'
  • Recurring events by Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre

Public engagement

Centre for Engagement and Simulation

Our centre dedicated to engagement and simulation science

The Centre for Engagement and Simulation Science with the involvement of patients and publics works with groups across Imperial College to help new scientific discoveries make the transition into clinical practice.

Helix Centre

Learn how healthcare can be made better by design

The Helix Centre is a joint collaboration between Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, whose goal is to address real healthcare problems by translating research into evidence-based solutions. 

Metabonimics conference delegates

Catch up on what's happening in Surgery and Cancer

View the Surgery and Cancer blog to find out the latest achievements and activities in the Department.

Ways to get involved

Phenome equipment

Help fund our research

By giving to Imperial you can help support our students, research and teaching.


Take one of our courses

Take a course for your own interest, or a short course for continuing professional development.