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Purpose of this study

This study aims to determine whether a type of human skin graft called Decellularised Dermis (DCD) can help your ulcer heal quicker than using the standard treatment of compression bandaging alone.

DCD Graft

The DCD graft is made from human skin from deceased donors which has been processed to remove the human cells and leave a matrix behind. DCD contains no human cells, unlike other donated skin grafts, which means that it is unlikely to be rejected by your body. The graft is placed over your ulcer and secured into place with glue or stitches and then covered in a dressing so that compression bandaging can be placed on top. The study will compare standard compression therapy versus treatment with the DCD graft plus compression therapy.

How long does the study last?

If you participate, the total amount of time you will be involved in the study is up to 12 months; this will include a maximum of 9 study visits (approximately 45-60 minutes each). You will also receive telephone calls during the 12-month period to check if your ulcer has healed or come back.

Contact Details

Please contact the study team at davetrial@imperial.ac.uk for more information.