Professor Rakesh Heer 

PA: Lorna Stevenson 

What we do

Clinical trials of surgical technologies and translational studies of premalignant and malignant transformation.


  • Cross cutting research spanning the spectrum of major clinical trials, translational studies and basic science. 
  • A focus on urological cancers and stem cell biology.
  • Consultant Surgeon (2011-). Robotic surgery and complex pelvic cancer.
  • NIHR HTA Programme Deputy Chair (2022-). 
  • NICE Guidelines Chairman (2021-). 
  • Chairman of the NCRI localised prostate cancer subgroup (2017-2022)
  • NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) Executive for North East & North Cumbria (NENC) (2020-2022)
  • National Clinical Excellence award (2021).
  • Newcastle University Director of MD studies and PG Associate Dean (2016-2022)
  • Cystectomy Program Director for the International Newcastle Robotic Surgery Course (2016-2019)
  • Urology lead ACF/ACL program (2015-2022)



Clinical trials in kidney, bladder and prostate cancer:

  • Chief Investigator, NIHR FOLLOW UP; £1.9M; 2024-2028. A natural experiment comparing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of follow-up strategies after radical treatment for prostate cancer
  • Chief Investigator, NIHR PARTIAL; £1.9M; 2022-2027. Randomised trial of the clinical and cost effectiveness of PARTIAL vs radical nephrectomy for clinically localised renal cell carcinoma
  • Co-Investigator, CRUK Early Detection and Diagnosis Research PACIFIC; £1.7M; 2022-2026. Evaluating the role of fast MRI and image-fusion for detection of prostate cancer (Lead PI Ahmed)
  • Chief Investigator, NIHR PHOTO; £2.4M; 2014-2021. A randomised trial comparing photodynamic guided resection with standard white light surgery
  • Chief Investigator, NIHR VARIANT; £0.3M; 2018-2021. A trial of biomarker-driven treatment in prostate cancer
  • Principle investigator, NIHR BRC; £0.2M; 2018-2021. Developing biomarkers using mitochondrial DNA mutation lineage tracing for early detection of bladder cancer
  • Principle investigator, Innovate UK CICERO; £0.3M; 2017-2018. AI-embedded image-enhanced video cystoscopy for a bladder cancer detection

The characterisation of human prostate stem cells: 

  • Principle investigator, Prostate Cancer Foundation award; $1M; 2019-2021. Patient stem cell derived prostate organoids for preclinical testing and treatment stratification.
  • Principle investigator, Prostate Cancer Research grant; £0.5M; 2022-2025. Mapping the epigenetic evolution of prostate carcinogenesis (Epi-Evo study).
  • Co-investigator, Prostate Cancer Research grant; £0.5M; 2020-2024. Filling a critical knowledge gap in androgen receptor variant splicing to enable development of new prostate cancer therapies.
  • CRUK Clinician Scientist Fellowship; £0.8M; 2011-2016.In situ characterisation of prostate stem cell fate.
  • Royal College of Surgeon’s Hunterian Professorship and Medal 2010.
  • MRC Clinician PhD Fellow; £0.1M; 2003-2006. The role of KGF in prostatic stem cell differentiation.


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