David RidingYear of completion

Current role
Vascular Surgery ST6, currently out of programme for research

The most beneficial things about the programme
It gave me a superb insight into the theoretical basis of surgical education useful experience of qualitative research methods, and the opportunity to learn directly from individuals at the forefront of UK surgical education.

My main areas of interest in surgical education

  • The role of empathy skills training in modern surgical practice
  • The use of eLearning as an adjunct to clinical learning

Title of my dissertation
‘eLearning as an adjunct to CCRiSP: a qualitative study.’

The most important outcome of my research
I developed a good knowledge and understanding of qualitative research methods. The project explored the perception of eLearning as an adjunct to CCRiSP, and found that trainee surgeons value the opportunities that eLearning can offer, but believe that they learn most effectively from direct contact with clinicians. eLearning programmes are often advocated as a useful educational tool in the context of reduced working time, but trainees consider it essential that this complements, rather than replaces, teaching from senior surgeons.

Since getting my degree, here are some of the things I’ve done in education

  • I am due to present my research findings at the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland in May
  • I also gave an oral presentation on the disparities in emergency laparotomy training to the RCSEd Faculty of Surgical Trainers meeting
  • I recently completed my tenure as HENW Medical Educational Fellow, which gave me further opportunity to engage in educational leadership and management activities.
  • I continue to be involved in teaching and training undergraduates and postgraduates as a PBL tutor and Personal Excellence Project supervisor at the University of Manchester, and as a faculty member of the RCS Basic Surgical Skills Course

Next I'd like to
Continue to develop my understanding of the theory and principles of surgical education, and to incorporate these into my clinical practice to extend my ability as a trainer. I have also applied for a position on the RCSEd Trainees Committee which focuses on improving the quality of surgical training. I am hopeful that a successful application will lead to further opportunities in surgical educational leadership and management.