Parent Iro Ntonia is a neuroscientist who specialises in educational neuroscience. An important part of Iro’s role at the College is to help inform programme teams on how to design their curriculum and teaching to be more inclusive, particularly in terms of neurodivergence (e.g. Autism, ADHD, dyslexia etc). 

Iro prepared 2 experiments with the children that explored how learning happens in the brain. The first experiment measured attention, this involved the children looking at a red screen on a computer and measuring how quickly they noticed when the screen turned green by shouting ‘now’.

The second experiment related to memory, the children looked at a sheet of paper with several images of everyday objects and named all of them out loud. The page was then turned over and they were asked to try and remember what objects they had just seen.

These activities were great way for the children to discover how quickly they reacted to something as well as to see how many things they were able to remember in a short amount of time. A big thank you to Iro for taking part in science month with us!