List of Dissertations



Dr Benedict Simon: Electrode, Electrocatalyst and Electrolyte Development for Hybrid Redox Flow Batteries (embargo)


Dr Andrea Gayon-Lombardo: Machine learning and simulation for the optimisation and characterisation of electrodes in batteries

Dr Hande Alptekin: Fundamental studies of the structure-performance correlations and interfaces in hard carbon anodes for Na-ion batteries


Dr Philipp Schlee: Kraft lignin-derived carbon nanofibres as electrodes in aqueous alkaline supercapacitors

Dr Ashkan Kavei: Development and Characterisation of Advanced Energy Storage Devices for Stationary Applications (embargo)


Dr Jingyi Chen: Performance and stability of nanostructured solid oxide fuel cell cermet electrodes

Dr Catalina Pino-Muñoz: Mathematical modelling of vanadium-based redox flow batteries

Dr Yuhua Xia: Development and characterisation of anode materials for polysulphide-air redox flow battery

Dr Mengzheng Ouyang: Novel characterization method of ceria-based catalyst and electrode in solid oxide fuel cells


Dr Bowen Song: The impact of redox cycling on nickel cermet anodes for solid oxide fuel cells


Dr Zadariana Jamil: Eletrodeposited nickel anodes for solid oxide fuel cells 

Dr Merla Yu: Development of new on-board battery diagnosis/prognosis tools for extending lifetime and mitigating failure

Dr Ian Hunt: Thermal effects and management of lithium ion batteries for automotive applications


Dr Harini Hewa Dewage: Investigation of hydrogen based redox flow batteries

Dr Samuel John Cooper: Quantifying the transport properties of solid oxide fuel cell electrodes

Dr Moshiel Biton: Advanced 3D imaging and quantification of battery materials

Dr Marie-Therese v. Srbik: Advanced lithium-ion battery modelling for automotive applications

Dr Wasim Sarwar: Hybridised energy storage systems for automotive powertrain applications


Dr Michael Parkes: ab initio modeling of yttria stabilised zirconia for solid oxide fuel cells


Dr Vladislavs Duboviks: Study of carbon contamination in Solid Oxide Cells

Dr Ma'ayan Marina Lomberg: Novel Fabrication Routes to Nickel-based Cermet Electrodes for Solid Oxide Cells

Dr Christoph Mazur: Assessing transition policies for the diffusion of electric vehicles


Dr Billy Wu: Fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle powertrain modelling and testing