Share your preferred title

You can now inform the College whether you’d like to be referred to as Miss, Mr, Mrs, Ms, or Mx, or alternatively you can choose to not use a title. We have made this change thanks to feedback from Imperial 600.

We want our Imperial community to feel respected, and comfortable to be who they are. We encourage all staff to add their preferred titles to their details on ICIS.

To select your preferred title, you just need to login to Self Service via ICIS and follow these steps:

  • Click on My Details
  • Click on Personal Details
  • Click View/Update
  • Click the dropdown next to Preferred Title

Your title selection will automatically feed into other College systems, such as your Professional Web Page (PWP).

Changes to academic titles such as Dr or Professor are handled via a separate process. If you would like to request a change, please contact the Staff Hub.