Professional web pagesProfessional Web Pages (PWPs) are a vital part of your professional image as a member of Imperial College London. They are highly ranked in Google and other search engines, and this can be of real advantage to you when promoting your research, career and professional interests.

Your profile page can also be found in staff lists on departmental- or research group websites, and through College search results for your name. This means it's important that you keep the tone of your profile professional, and your publications, teaching and research interests up-to-date.

PWPs are automatically created for all staff (academic and non-academic) and postgraduate students across the College. You can view them as a mini website that is all about you, consisting of a home page and up to four subpages (Honours and memberships; Research; Publications; and Teaching).

PWPs automatically draw on information from already existing College sources. On first visiting your PWP you will find publicly available information about you is already present. This saves you time by not having to re-enter information that already exists and also provides you with a firm basis from which to begin customising your PWP to meet your needs.

The areas of the PWP that you can update yourself include:

  • adding a professionally taken photo to your home page (contact your Faculty Web Officer for advice on photos or visit the staff photoshoot web page),
  • editing the text to present a strong summary of who you are, a brief biography of yourself and your interests,
  • adding extra content areas to the Research page,
  • keeping your Symplectic Elements profile (for research, honours, memberships, professional activities and publications information) updated and,
  • creating links to blogs, social media and other professional communications channels that you use.

View a full list of information that can be found on your PWP and where it is maintained.

To give you an idea of what you can do with your Professional Web Page, have a look at some best practice examples:

The Faculty of Medicine have produced a handy guide for staff on Professional Web Pages (PWPs), the Symplectic Elements system and the Spiral institutional repository.  These systems work together to support individual academics and research staff in recording, reporting and showcasing their academic activities and outputs.

Visit: Your personal professional online presence at Imperial