The College is committed to making our community an environment which is respectful and inclusive. This includes eliminating all forms of discrimination, especially direct and indirect forms of harassment, bullying and victimisation. 

Through the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion CentreImperial provides:

As a member of staff, who can I talk to about harassment or bullying?

Confidential Care phone hotline

Confidential Care is Imperial's employee assistance provider. They run an external report hotline which you can use while remaining anonymous. Call the hotline on 0800 197 2814.

Confidential Care shares only anonymous summary information with HR, to help the College understand issues and take action.

Harassment Support Contacts (HSCs)

HSCs are trained staff volunteers. They will listen to you and help you explore the informal and formal options available. HSCs keep all discussions confidential.

Phone and email contact information for each HSC is provided further down this page.

Details about Harassment support contacts

Contact details for Harassment Support Contacts

In light of the ongoing Covid-19 virus situation, if you would like to contact a Harassment Support Contact (HSC), please contact Kani Kamara, Head of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre, in the first instance. Kani will then check with HSCs if they are available to support you.

Harassment Support Contacts
Maria Barletta 020 7594 2151
Jackie Bell 020 7594 5472
Caroline Carter 020 7594 3484
Uzma Chaudhary 020 7594 8408
Kani Kamara 020 7594 0867
Sabrina Kapur 020 7594 7938
Mark Langford 020 7594 2055
Rob Millwood 020 7594 6247
Kalpna Mistry 020 7594 1561
Susi Underwood 020 7594 5560
Liam Watson 020 7594 8753
Harassment Support Contacts details