Irene fly gut
A female fly stores fat (orange) and expands its gut (blue) to fuel its many eggs (pink) as they grow (Credit: Paola Cognigni)

Understanding fundamental molecular and cell biology processes that are relevant for human health; from interactions inside our cells to changes relevant to diseases like cancer, neurological disorders or diabetes.

We carry out research in a variety of areas, including:

  • Gene regulation
  • How the DNA inside our cells is stored, copied and repaired
  • Epigenetic markers on DNA that might be passed between generations
  • Stem cells, their uses and how to produce them
  • How a cell state called senescence affects cancer and ageing
  • Metabolism, sexual identity and growth
  • Nerve cells in the brain and their role in disease
  • What model organisms such as worms, flies and fish can tell us about human health

For more information on our research please see individual member research profiles below.  

Our members

Professor Wiebke Arlt

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Professor Wiebke Arlt
Head of the Institute of Clinical Sciences

Honorary appointments