About the Graduate Finance Training Scheme (L7 Apprenticeship)

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The Graduate Finance Training Scheme was started in 2012 and was amended to include a L7 Apprenticeship in 2022.

The scheme lasts for three years and is designed to attract and develop potential Imperial Finance leaders of the future by providing successful candidates with extensive finance experience as well as the opportunity to gain a professional accountancy qualification (CIMA) as part of the Accountancy or Taxation Professional L7 Apprenticeship.

The Graduate Finance Analysts can expect to gain both operational and project experience during their time on the trainee scheme.

Successful applicants will participate in a rotational programme consisting of at least three placements. Previous examples of placements include working in the Finance teams supporting a Faculty, commercial areas, support functions and working in various financial reporting and management accounting roles.

In each placement, Graduate Finance Analysts can expect to gain in-depth knowledge of Finance in Higher Education, as well as exposure to senior leadership across both Finance and the wider Institution.

The training scheme is overseen by the Chief Financial Officer, Tony Lawrence. Tony mentors the traineess and meets with them for a one to one every six months to check on their progress and reflect on the next steps in their personal development.

The Graduate Finance Analysts will also meet on a regular basis with both the Finance Development Manager and with their placement manager to set objectives, discuss performance, develop and grow in the role and discuss long term career aspirations.

Graduate Finance Analysts are expected to complete their study for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification as part of the L7 apprenticeship qualification during the three years. The College will fund the full cost of study towards CIMA including relevant training courses, exam fees, etc. Support is also available in the department and through the educational provider to help Graduate Finance Analysts throughout their studies.

This generous study package includes time away from work (up to 20%) to complete training courses for the accounting qualification and further support is provided on the job via a combination of training, 1:1 coaching and soft skills training.

Salaries will escalate throughout the three years via a combination of annual pay increments and pay increases linked to exam success.

More information about the type of work the Finance Graduate Analysts are given can be found on the next few pages.