Fellowship Opportunities

The Department of Life Science’s programme for externally-funded Independent Research Fellowships is designed to establish research leaders within a world-class research environment and with access to cutting-edge facilities. Independent Fellows will also benefit from:

  • Review and feedback of their application,
  • Mentorship during their fellowship and progress to an academic position,
  • Access to excellent postgraduate research students to support their work,
  • Joining a strong and active community of independent fellows across the college.

We accept informal applications all year round; see below for guidance on the application process.

For further information please get in touch with the Fellowships and Honours Committee at dols-fhc@imperial.ac.uk


Information for Applicants

If you see an opportunity to apply for a Fellowship based in the Department of Life Sciences, you should first make contact and discuss your application with a potential sponsor who is currently at Imperial. A list of Research Themes, Research Groups and contacts is available from this link (Research Themes).

We ask that you submit your CV and a short summary of your proposed project, including a career development plan, to your sponsor.

The sponsor will forward your application, with a letter of support, to the Departmental Fellowships and Honours Committee for review and consideration with regards to the current departmental activities and priorities.

A decision will then be made whether your application will be supported by the Department.

Feedback will be available in all cases.

Information for Sponsors

If you are planning on sponsoring an applicant, please submit a short reference and an outline of the support you will be providing to the applicant to the Fellowships and Honours Committee, along with the applicant's CV and short summary.

The Fellowships and Honours Committee will then assess the fit of the applicant to the Department's activities.

Supported Fellowships and more




 Full Application Date

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Early Career Award



Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Career Development Awards




David Phillips Fellowship




Discovery Fellowship




Career Development Award 




Marie Sklodowska-Curie 




Career Development Fellowship 



The Royal Society

Newton International Fellowship 



The Royal Society

University Research Fellowship  




Independent Research Fellowship



Imperial College London

Imperial College Research Fellowship

June 2021

Not accepting applications

Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund

ISSF Springboard Fellowships


 We are not accepting applications for this round (2021)


EPSRC Fellowship Scheme






We have a strong history of being able to offer our Research Fellows tenure within the Department of Life Sciences as Lecturers/Readers. Fellows that have been successful include: James Murray, Cristina Banks-Leite, Abigail Clements, Giorgio Gilestro and Nadia Guerra.