Materials Science and Engineering

Why study Materials Science and Engineering?
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Materials Science is the study of everything around us. There are millions of different materials – some natural, many others man-made – these materials make us who we areThe history of human civilisation is driven by the advances made through material discoveries such as those in the golden age, bronze age, iron age and more recently the silicon age. Advances in steel and glass have transformed our landscape and a plethora of other materials have modernised our lives, helped extend our lifespan and enabled exploration of space as well as the deep sea.  

Technological developments are made possible because we utilise different processing methods to engineer the structure and properties of materials in order to enhance their performance. Advances in microscopy is enabling us to observe what is happening on micrometre and nanometre length scales in unprecedented ways. Innovative experimental approaches give us the ability to directly construct nanoscale objects with increasing control. New modelling techniques are bringing quantum mechanical and theoretical physics ideas away from single atoms and molecules into the nano-world. 

By joining us, you will become part of an academic community focussed on finding solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. 

Our undergraduate BEng and MEng courses

Materials Science and Engineering: BEng - UCAS JF52 - ECTS: 180 - 3 yrs/ MEng - UCAS JFM2 - ECTS: 240 - 4 yrs
Materials with Nuclear Engineering: MEng - UCAS J5H8 - ECTS: 240 - 4 yrs
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering: MEng - UCAS BJ95  - ECTS: 240 - 4 yrs
Materials with Management: BEng - UCAS J5N2 - ECTS: 180 - 3 yrs