A past colloquim: people listening to a lecture at ImperialThe Departmental Colloquia series began in 2010. The purpose of the series is two fold: to hear from some of the world's leading mathematicians and statisticians, and to provide a forum for the department (faculty, research fellows, and postgraduate students) to meet.

There is usually a reception following the talk, with an opportunity to meet the speaker.

Upcoming Colloquia:

Nancy ReidProfessor Nancy Reid on In Praise of Small Data: Statistical and Data Science

Nancy Reid is University Professor and Canada Research Chair in Statistical Theory and Applications at the University of Toronto.  Her research interests include statistical theory, likelihood inference, design of studies, and statistical science in public policy.  She has held many professional leadership roles in statistical science, in Canada and abroad.
Her main research contributions have been to the field of theoretical statistics. 

Professor Reid is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, the Royal Society of Canada, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences. In 2015 she was appointed Officer of the Order of Canada.

Date :        20th March 2019
Time:        17:00
Venue:      Huxley 340

Further information on the talk and abstract can be found here. The talk will be followed by reception in the Huxley Common Room (549)


Past Colloquia

2017 (Stuart, Kühn, Tokieda, Villani, Davison, Holmes, Stewart)

      Statistical Models for Complex Extreme Events (Nelder Lecture)
     Thursday 9th March
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2016 (Rosenbaum, Granville, Milton, Mallat, Bridson)

2015 (Diaconis, Newell, Joshi, Schoen)

2014 (Gelman, Davis, Green, Caffarelli, Hairer)

2013 (Serfaty, Senn, Tenenbaum, Bertozzi)

2012 (Werner, Fokas, McCullagh)

2011 (Cox, Otto, Embrechts)

2010 (Gowers, Lieb, Sinai)

2019 (Titi, Wolf)