UG Academic Staff 

Dr Chris Hallsworth - Director of Undergraduate Studies

Dr Chris Ford – Senior Tutor 

Dr Pietro Siorpaes  – Deputy Senior Tutor 

Table of CRT contacts 

Year Tutors 2023-24

  • Year 2 - Dr Pietro Siorpaes 


Student Support and Administrative Staff

Sai Nathan  - Undergraduate Liaison Officer (Maternity)

Ella Robson  - Undergraduate Liaison Officer (Maternity Cover)

Olivia Adu - Bofour - Student Experience Coordinator 

Ahmed Aynan - Student Experience Administrator

Education Office (Undergraduates)

General queries to the UG Education office should go to:

Admissions (UG) enqueries:

Examinations and Results enqueries:

Casual work enquiries: 

Helen Haines – Education Office Manager 

Gertrud Levit - Senior Education Office Administrator

Valerie Nicol - Undergraduate Teaching Administrator

Ella Begum - Undergraduate Teaching Administrator 

Fabian Driver - Undergraduate Teaching and Database Administrator 

 Milda Batutiene - Departmental Data Officer