Matterhorn mountain and reflection in a lake

“Golden hour” by Li Ren Thow

The peak of Matterhorn taken during sunrise with a mirror view projected on a quiet lake with the moon alongside.

First person shot of surgery equipment

"Congratulations, you are being rescued” by Zhaoyang Jacopo Hu

A surgeon would normally operate from the view of the robot's eyes, however I decided to present this particular shot from the perspective of the area that is about to be operated by the da Vinci Surgical System.

a construction site and reflection in water

"Constructive reflection" by Jack Gardiner

There was lots of construction work going on in Malmo when I was there and this worksite in particular was the most active. The project isn't the most elaborate or on the cutting edge of engineering, however, these daily engineering practices are the backbone of every country.

people riding on a bus

“Ride home" by Levin Meinke

A man returns from work one of Kyoto's buses, part of Japan's world renown public system, which is depicted on his right.

A drone shot of a speedboat

“Oh my, take a look at this news!” by Yijia Guo

Speedboats, with the help of mechanical power, have become the greatest artists on the canvas of the sea surface.

Winners chosen by our judges


Overall winner

“Oh my, take a look at this news!” by Yijia Guo

Comments from judges:

"The composition is well-executed, highlighting the stark contrast between the vibrant red boat, the cool blue of the ocean, and the foamy white wave. The resulting maelstrom captured in this image is both intense and visually striking, making it a compelling and cool photograph."

"A visibly tricky picture to capture, this photo can express so many different parts of engineering, from the mathematical connotations of the helix, to the eddies and the boat. It is a rather obvious choice that impresses the viewer immediately after seeing it, but can also be observed more closely to find new angles."


Category “Engineering on your travels”


“Oh my, take a look at this news!” by Yijia Guo


“Ride home” by Levin Meinke

Comments from judges:

"The different elements in this lively photo show so much more than one would expect. Each different sign and handle adds a liveliness, while the calm protagonist shows a quiet humanity in a busy scene. Additionally, the colour grading and framing in this photo are very well done." 

Category “Wildcard”


"Congratulations, you are being rescued” by Zhaoyang Jacopo Hu

Comments from judges:

"It isn’t always easy to make instruments presentable in what is usually a fairly entangled web of wires. The comparison with K2SO from Rogue One evokes the current AI revolution, that we are indeed one step closer to that reality!"

"Putting the viewer in the eye of the storm differs from all the other photos. The brightness and symmetry evoke a clinical sterility to a near uneasy level."


“Golden hour” by Li Ren Thow

Comments from judges:

"There is perhaps not much to say about a wonderfully composed view of the Matterhorn during sunrise, but a muted colour palate is a nice touch together with the complete reflection and the moon."

"A peaceful moment that manages to double the impressiveness of an iconic mountain."


People's Choice Prize


We received 403 valid votes for the People's Choice Prize. 

The winner of the People's Choice Prize is "Constructive reflection” by Jack Gardiner, with 60 votes. 


How the winners were chosen


Our judges were:

  • Tatiana Buchanan-Michaelson- Student representative
  • Dr Li Shen- Prize winner in the 2018 photo competition
  • Honey Salvadori- Professional photographer; evening photography class tutor at Imperial 

The judges viewed all the entries and assigned a mark from 1 to 10 to each entry. The top scores overall in each category are the judges' prize winners.

The People's Choice prize winner was chosen out of the top 20 entries as marked by judges. Members of the department voted for their favourite photo in an open survey.