During years 3 and 4 of your degree you choose which modules you take.

There is an ME34 Module selection forum on Thursday 6 June to ask questions about specific modules.

Students who are going on a Year Abroad in 24/25 do not need to complete this module selection process. Additionally, if you are going on a Year in Industry as part of your degree in 24/25 then you will not need to make your module selection until May/June 2025.

Mech-Eng elective modules

Your choices will be submitted via Microsoft Forms. You will receive an email with the link to complete your selection.

The most up to date information can be found on Blackboard under ME Optional Modules (Electives) - Key Information. Link can be found here: Blackboard

Capped modules

Capped modules

Some modules are capped. This means they have limitations on how many students can enrol.

Please limit the number of capped modules that you register for. Our aim is to ensure that students can enrol on at least ONE of the capped modules they have applied for. Some of these modules are coursework heavy, which will increase your workload during term if you choose too many.

In the module selection survey, we ask that you rank the capped modules in order of preference– if you have selected more than one. It is always possible that modules not currently listed as ‘capped’ may become oversubscribed, as we cannot predict how popular modules will be from year to year. 

If you are unsuccessful for any Mech Eng module or IDX module then you will receive an email in July/August asking you to select a replacement module (all modules are subject to availability).

2024/25 key dates and application information:

Mech-Eng modules

Deadline for applications will be 28 June 2024.

Your choices will be submitted via the ME Survey.

I-Explore modules

Registration opens on 1 May 2024 and closes on 29 May 2024.

Applications will be submitted via my imperial. The link can be found here: my.imperial.ac.uk


Registration opens at 9am on 16 May 2024 and closes at 12pm on 30th May.

It is recommended to apply as soon as possible as BPES modules are offered on a fist-come-first-serve basis.

Applications will be submitted via DSS. The link can be found here: www.imperial.ac.uk/dss


IDX modules have varied deadlines.

For the Aeronautics IDX module, Applications of Fluid Dynamics, please apply via DSS by Monday 24 June 2024.

For all other IDX modules please make your selection using the ME Survey.