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  • Hydrogen in metals for nuclear and storage applications (e.g. delayed hydride cracking, hydrogen enhanced plasticity)
  • Dislocation plasticity in ionic crystals (as battery materials)
  • Mechanical recyling of plastics
  • Multilayer paint film evolution and failure under hygrothermal cycling
  • Irradiation hardening, strain softening and fracture in in zirconium alloys for PWR fuel pin cladding
  • Semi-analytical crack network modelling, integrity of auxetics, failure of thermal barrier and wear coatings
  • Elastodynamic discrete dislocation plasticity
  • Fatigue in titanium alloys, lifetime prediction of thermal barrier coatings
  • Discrete dislocation plasticity, size effects and defect-solute interactions
  • Metal forming methods and associated materials modelling
  • Environmental barrier coatings