QunliQunli Zhang is currently studying for a PhD in our department. 

I have had a huge interest in engineering since I was a little boy and after my graduation from Jilin University in China I decided to pursue further study abroad.

Imperial College has great reputation in mechanical engineering, ranking in the top ten in the world, so I was very pleased when I was accepted onto the MSc course here. I arrived keen to improve both my academic competence and my proficiency in English.

The course is pretty tight. I chose seven courses, which is equivalent to 160 credits. Usually, I need to spend at least one hour reviewing the contents of each of the often very interesting lectures.

Apart from lectures, I conduct experiments, do the literature review and write the log book for my individual project. There’s also a coursework element that builds our communication skills and our ability to perform as part of a team.

I have learnt a lot about a range of advancing technologies in class with clear links made to industry, for example in aluminium alloy forming. Both our team spirit and a scientific exploratory spirit are cultivated and consolidated on the MSc. I would advise any prospective students to study hard, play hard - as the school motto says.

If all things go well, I intend to study a PhD at Imperial College because I really like the academic atmosphere here as well as London life.

"I really like the academic atmosphere here as well as London life"