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The module information below applies for the current academic year. The academic year runs from August to July; the 'current year' switches over at the end of July.

Students select optional courses subject to rules specified in the Mechanical Engineering Student Handbook,  for example at most three Design and Business courses. Please note that numbers are limited on some optional courses and selection criteria will apply.

Literature Research Project

Module aims

  • To develop efficient use of the extensive facilities available for research on a given subject
  • To develop a critical attitude to information sources, an ethical attitude to attributing them and a systematic method for citing them
  • To stimulate interest in a given engineering-related, technical subject by studying it in depth.

ECTS units:  4   
Contributing to Course Elements: 4 to ME3-hCW Coursework

Learning outcomes

On successfully completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Review the overall state of knowledge on a topic of direct relevance to mechanical engineering and of appropriate range.
  • Restate the ideas of others in original language and with full attribution in standard (e.g. Harvard) form
  • Differentiate between literature of reliable and unreliable provenance
  • Organise information from a wide range of sources into a coherent review
  • Synthesise selected information to arrive at appropriate conclusions on a technical subject of relevance to Mechanical Engineering
  • Use library and web-based search facilities to access relevant literature in hard-copy and electronic forms
  • Write a coherent, clearly structured, properly referenced literature survey on an engineering topic

Module syllabus

Each student works individually through the Autumn term on a literature review of a specific engineering topic. This topic is either selected from a list provided by Department staff at the beginning of the year, or can be proposed by a student according to individual interests after agreement with an appropriate supervisor, or can originate in a sponsoring company.

Teaching methods

  • Duration: Autumn term
  • Lectures: 1 x 2h Literature Search lecture led by Library Liaison Officer
  • Expected research and private study time: about 100h total
  • Independent study, guided by an Academic Tutor.


Coursework (including progress tests, oral presentations etc.)

Submission date

Max. mark

Pass mark



Literature Research Report

Copy of the project report will be returned with Supervisory feedback; grade to be announced separately

Friday, week 11, 12:00



Total marks


Module leaders

Dr Daniel Balint