MRI can produce high resolution 3D images of human anatomy, making it unrivalled for disease diagnosis. Robotic tools can target structures inside the body using MRI images as guidance.

Diagnosis Prostate Cancer

  • Prostate cancer kills over 10,000 men in the UK every year.
  • The current diagnostic procedure involves a biopsy of the prostate using ultrasound (US) image guidance
  • US leads to 20% false negatives
  • MRI can solve this problem effectively


The Prostate Biopsy Robot

Images from the MRI scanner allow the surgeon to track the needle and to guide the tip into a target in the prostate. By using our Prostate Biopsy Robot, the surgeon controls the robot “remotely”, thus improving safety and accuracy. The robot can extract cells from the prostate within 2mm.



Prostate Biopsy Robot:


Robot Control Station: