Create and deliver your own programme

Drawing on a globally renowned team of academics, clinicians and consultants our partnership managers will co-ordinate the implementation of a fully bespoke curriculum according to our partner’s needs, including the creation of learning materials, assessment strategy design, student and staff administrative support, curriculum mapping tools and clinical placement expertise.   

Our partnership is designed to be agile - we continually innovate in order to enhance medical education and this can inform how we tailor the development of your programmes, to meet and exceed your own contextualised needs. Underpinned by research and a keen insight into the future of education, we use a three-part system to create a programme for you. 

Our ‘Discover-Develop-Deliver’ methodology spans the entire lifecycle of a programme, from inception to marking assignments. We consider the entire scope of a programme based on our leading expertise and global experience.

What we do [ image to be refined ]


  • Identifying potential programme subject areas
  • Market research and positioning of a new programme
  • Writing a business case for governance and strategic approval
  • Developing a vision for the programme
  • Exploring pedagogy considerations
  • Defining graduate outcomes
  • Project management of above activities

  • Marketing strategy and operational plan
  • Development of programme specification alongside subject matter experts
  • Programme development project and resource plan
  • Analysis and recommendation of appropriate software solutions
  • Establish links with clinical or industry partners
  • Consideration of the student life cycle
  • Assessment strategy
  • Student feedback strategy

  • Handover Strategy
  • Resource planning: academic, operational, governance, premises, equipment
  • Curriculum mapping tools and timetabling
  • Oversight of first cohort 
  • Post collaboration: curriculum review, faculty exchanges, joint research initiatives


Imperial's resources in developing your programme

  • Opportunities to build new brand-new bespoke courses in a variety of medical education subjects
  • Innovative use of new technologies to aid learning and teaching medicine 
  • Clinical Academic Leads, expert educators will design and develop your programme 
  • Imperial world class leading curricula contextualised for your region and country 
  • Creation of new teaching materials to meet local needs
  • Development of assessment strategies designed to meet your programme requirements
  • Consultation and delivery of a Faculty Development Programme tailored to your team's needs
  • Research initiatives, clinical expertise, student mobility programmes