Professor Jenny Higham with students

Funded international projects for Imperial and LKCMedicine students

Grant Details


Up to S$5,000 per project

Total projects funded



Applicants will be informed of the outcomes in June

LKCMedicine and Imperial students will be expected to work together to submit a joint research proposal. 

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Initial Expressions of Interest are now closed for the Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Grant 2021. 

With a kind donation from Professor Jenny Higham and matching contributions from LKCMedicine and Imperial College London, the Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Grant has been established in recognition of Prof Higham’s strong desire to support cross-pollination and exchange of ideas between LKCMedicine and Imperial College School of Medicine. Since the launch of the Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Grant in 2017, 20 student groups have been awarded funding for collaborative research projects. 

The Grant enables medical students from LKCMedicine and Imperial to collaboratively undertake projects. Groups of two or more students can apply for the grant provided at least one student is enrolled in the undergraduate programme in London (Years 2 - 5), and one is enrolled in the programme in Singapore. An amount of up to S$5,000 may be awarded per project to successful recipients.

Purpose of the Grant

As a joint Nanyang Technological University–Imperial College London school, it is important and befitting for LKCMedicine and Imperial to support students from both partner institutions who wish to participate in collaborative initiatives. Given the unique learning and personal development opportunities collaborative endeavours have to offer, the Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Grant aims to encourage students to initiate and undertake innovative cross-border pursuits.

Professor Jenny Higham

Professor Jenny Higham has previously held senior positions at Imperial, including Head of Undergraduate Medicine and Vice Dean for Institutional Affairs for the Faculty of Medicine. Prof Higham led on Imperial’s work to establish LKCMedicine. Prof Higham also served as LKCMedicine's Senior Vice-Dean from 2013-15 and was a member of the LKCMedicine Governing Board. 

In 2015, Prof Higham generously donated her prize money after winning the Nanyang Education Gold Award from the Nanyang Technological University, to establish the Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Grant.

Prof Higham joined St George’s (University of London) as Principal in November 2015 and is responsible for directing all activities and developments at the university. She was also the first female Chair of the Medical Schools Council, the representative body for UK medical schools.

Grant Timeline

Friday 5th March 2021 Stage 1 Initial Expression of Interest deadline - All students interested in applying for the Grant must complete the online form.
Friday 9th April 2021 Stage 2 Proposal deadline - LKCMedicine and Imperial students will be invited to contact each other to establish project groups and develop a proposal*. 
Friday 28th May 2021 Stage 3 Proposal deadline - Projects will be assigned a Faculty Advisor to provide feedback on the project. Students are required to seek support of a Supervisor for th project. 
June 2021 Selection of successful proposals - Students will be notified of the Panel outcomes by the end of June 2021. 
July - December 2021 Project work to be completed - Students will be required to complete an Interim Report in September 2021. 
January 2022 Final Project Poster and Presentations - Presentation events will be held at LKCMedicine and Imperial. 
Dates are subject to change
Timeline for the Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Grant

*Pre-existing OCIPs will not be permitted to apply to the grant

Projects funded by the Grant include: 

  • Accelerating cross-centre collaboration through developing an online portal for student-led joint Imperial College London and LKCMedicine academic projects
  • Comparing patients’ perspectives on primary care in Singapore and the UK
  • Medical Education Research Collaboration on Team-based learning
  • Collaboration between LKCMedicine and Imperial College School of Medicine Surgical Societies
  • Overseas Community Involvement Projects in the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka
  • A cross-sectional study comparing the disability-adjusted life years and clinical management of dementia patients living in London and Singapore
  • Sleep LKC: A study on the beliefs about sleep in Singaporean medical students
  • Designers and Innovators of Paediatric Health
  • Exploring international differences in perceptions of patients about atypical symptoms of stroke and myocardial infarction
  • A Dual-Dimension Comparative-Creative Study on the Utility of Healthcare Resources in Female University Students Aged 21-25 with Disordered Eating Habits
  • A cross-institutional Pilot Study of virtual Team-based Learning in Neurology
  • How do the formal, informal and hidden curricula impact on undergraduate medical students’ specialty career preferences: a two-centre international mixed methods study
  • COVID-19: A retrospective comparative analysis of the impact of COVID-19 lockdown periods on familial relationships in Singapore and the UK
  • A cross comparison between the stress cultures and coping mechanisms amongst medical students at LKC Singapore and ICL United Kingdom
  • Investigating the differences in undergraduate ophthalmology training programmes and creating more opportunities for cross-border learning and collaboration in LKCMedicine and Imperial College London
  • Project DIREC: Diabetes Intervention to Reduce, Educate and Control. Does a diabetes-focussed educational intervention to Mauritians with newly diagnosed diabetes decrease long-term complications and improve self-management?
  • The Last Mile: Exploring quality of care provided to End-of-Life patients in a cross comparison study between Singapore and London