Student studying using a laptop

What will I learn?

A lot of biomedicine now happens online. Some scientists in health and medicine never do a ‘wet’ experiment in the lab. Our online summer school reflects this development. You’ve probably heard about some of the current technologies in biomedicine – for example, genomic sequencing, big data and artificial intelligence in patient research, brain imaging, epidemic modelling, in silico drug design. Biomedicine graduates who are open-minded about these approaches will be in demand. During our summer school you will have a chance to use a range of online methods, and to learn interactively with our teaching team and with other students.  You will compile a portfolio of your learning and acquire skills you can use in your future studies.  

You will not be expected to have prior knowledge of the Summer School topics covered. Our aim is to expand your academic horizons by offering you the opportunity to engage with topics that you may not have had the chance to encounter before. Some students may find some of the course material familiar however the breadth of subjects that we address is such that you are likely to encounter areas which are entirely new to you.

Who will I be taught by?

The Revolutions in Biomedicine Team has brought together top academics and researchers from across Imperial to teach on the Summer School in previous Summer Schools. Details regarding which academics will be teaching on our online summer school for 2023 will be shared here soon. You will also have the opportunity to meet some of our current Master's and PhD students who will be able to share with you their experiences of studying at Imperial.

How will I learn?

  • You will use online scientific and medical tools and do ‘hands-on’ tasks e.g. modelling.
  • You will make decisions and recommendations about real-world situations.
  • Some of this learning will take place in small teams of 4-6 students.
  • You will present your ideas and results to the rest of the class.
  • You will be supported by our teachers, student ambassadors, and your team members. 
  • You will have the chance to assemble a portfolio of your learning, to be submitted after the end of the summer school

Summer School structure

Our online summer school involves 2 weeks of teaching from Monday to Friday between 08.30 and 16.30 (BST time zone) to suit students from all over the world! You'll be sorted into a morning or afternoon class acccording to your time zone and preferences and be able to benefit from shared activities in the middle of the day. Both classes will be taught the same themes and you will receive up to four hours of online teaching every day. You will also need to undertake one to two hours of independent study daily. There will be opportunities to work with other students online outside of class, as well as take part in social activities and network!

During the summer school teaching you'll be given opportunities to start thinking about working on an optional portfolio assessment, if you wish to gain 7.5 ECTS credits for the summer school. Once the teaching has been complete, you will be supported to continue to work on your portfolio and submit this several weeks later for marking.  Further details of what you can expect will be shared in your course booklet.

Attendance is vital, and you are required to attend at least 80% of your lessons in order to pass the course.