Join us to propel the next generation of Black British biomedical science students into research, industry and academia to find solutions to global challenges.

British students of Black or mixed Black heritage are underrepresented in the UK biomedical sciences research community. We want to help change that! In 2022, we invited UK (home) students of Black or mixed Black heritage who are currently studying for an undergraduate degree to apply for a scholarship to cover tuition fees for one of our summer school courses. We are hoping to continue these scholarships for our 2023 summer schools and will update this webpage once we know more!

In the meantime, read about our recent Black British Heritage scholarship winner, Esther and her summer school experience:

“Receiving a scholarship to attend Imperial College London’s Revolution in Biomedicine was truly a life-changing experience. It gave me the opportunity to meet people who were experts in their field and allowed me to discuss and understand the research they were doing and their motivations behind their work.

We were also given the freedom to ask the big questions such as “Why?” things happened the way they did and plan our own investigations based on this. I learnt how to plan and the work that goes into Lab experiments from the hypothesis to the lab report. We even got to dissect a brain!

As an undergraduate student who wants to go on to do a Masters, I loved the Masters Symposium where we were able network with and ask questions to Masters students and get tips and advice on how to get to that position.The staff were incredible as well as the student ambassadors and constantly listened to our feedback to shaping and improve the program.

From meeting people from all over the world, to exploring London (attending Wicked and going to the Royal Albert Hall!), it was truly a once-in-a lifetime experience.”