Three-photon microscope facility

The three-photon system comprises a Scientifica Hyperscope and a Satsuma 40W fiber laser with a Mango SP Optical Parametric Amplifier which has a tunable wavelength range of 650-920 nm and 1150-2500 nm. The system is ideal for imaging deep within scattering tissue in vivo and ex vivo.

Multi-photon microscopy has the advantage of deeper tissue penetration with reduced photobleaching compared to single-photon confocal microscopy. While two-photon microscopy allows structures or physiological activity to be imaged up to a depth of about 1 mm, the longer excitation wavelength in three-photon microscopy allows deeper imaging. Moreover, the light is scattered less resulting in greater image contrast in three-photon than in two-photon microscopy.

This equipment is available for use by any member of Imperial College.

Booking is via the PPMS online system. Please see our Charges and Booking page for further details. 

For enquiries about the facility, please contact the Facility Manager, Ann Go.

Location: Bessemer B532D, South Kensington